Thursday, August 31, 2006

Deb gives The People what they want:

I know that many of you peeps are very curious about various aspects of my life, especially those involving pending litigation. Can't go there now, but what I can do is tell you what my top 20 ipod this summer was:
Cuz, you know, peeps, we're insanely curious about the soundtrack that scores the thoughts of her beautiful mind.

Surely there's room in her Shuffle for an Autumn refresh.

Whaddya say? Shall we help her with her playlist?

iPod Thread

Haven't caught up yet, but if SUlla says its DebCon 2, its DebCon 2.

Seriously...what the Hell is it about Thursdays?


new theme song

Our own Fatwa Arbuckle has outdone himself:

Since I don't have a parody to contribute this week, I thought I'd "rebrand" a two-minute piece of music I did years ago and make it (sort of) DHD-pertinent. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Teh Deb Suite

While it's a little bit of a stretch, the five sections are:

i) F4ward, March! (The Gerbils' Theme)
ii) Can't Find Teh Vodka®
iii) The Monkey Dances
iv) No Cawl From Coal Bear
v) Triumph Of The Gerbils

For you music production geeks, I was running MOTU Performer (pre DP) and ProTools LE (probably v. 4-dot-something) on a 120Hz Mac at the time. This was done messing around for the very first time with my then-new, freshly-unpacked, fully-loaded Kurzweil K2500 (a remarkable piece of gear when it shipped). I thought I'd record a little fanfare and, well, stuff got a bit out of hand. This wasn't thought-out in advance; pretty much mutated as it went.

Back to work; see you all later.



I don't have access to the full blog, just the ability to create posts and maintain comments.

But we're at DebCon Two. The Frisch has hit the fan.

I've forwarded the evidence from this morning. If you see more - on SWP or on other blogs - please grab screenshots and save JPEGs and email to Jeff.

I've confirmed that he does find this information useful.


Every dang Wednesday I see a post at Deb's site that seems almost-reasonable.

And every dang Thursday she manages to take the speed train to Crazytown.

I wanted to extricate myself from the relationship with the creeps at lipid stupidity in an honorable way, so I challenged Mr. Goldstein to a sort of duel on the night of July 7. I sat down at 8:30 and said I am gonna make you ban me by 9, boy.
"Honorable." Yeah. One more for the Debinition file.

He never banned me and I never left and I made a joke about how the slope of my utility function would not diminish at all if jonbenet ramsey’s fate were bestowed on his progeny. It was mean and nasty and horrible to make a joke about the demise of a toddler. Is it meaner and nastier and horribler than all the toddlers that have REALLY DIED this summer while we all were hiking, swimming, phoquing or blogging? I don’t think so.
This is comparing apples and arsenic. The deaths of children are always mourned, and never contemplated. It's always a shock and a tragedy when an innocent dies. What Deborhah Frisch, PhD did was proclaim in advance the feelings she would entertain at the death of someone she's arguing with online. Further, she got extremely specific about the TYPE of grisly death she wouldn't give a damn about.

This is beyond disgusting.

I understand that it is possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that I posted A comment to sadly no or patterico or wherever. But since the “blog manager” has the capacity to alter or delete the CONTENT of the comments, this IP proof is essentially irrelevant. Yes you can prove I said something but you can’t prove what I said. Big phoquing deal.
There are current residents of state and federal penitentiaries who would beg to differ.

Besides, even if I said everything attributed to me, it does not come close to violating the frivolous, toothless, ridiculous restraining order from Colorado.
We'll have to wait until November to find out. I'm sure comments like this will hold enormous sway with the judge.

I am paying a lawyer in Colorado $250 an hour to settle our fight. Remind me never to fight with a sissy with a rich daddy again. It’s expensive!
There are times when the mission of "Don't Hire Deb" is fulfilled simply by quoting her. Merry Freaking Frischmas, everbody!

I've finally been financially victimized! That's a silver, albeit expensive, lining.
That's right, folks - she's the victim. And that's the upside.

That is pedophilia, in my mind. If someone calls you Count Cockula and you say cool, you’re a pedophile in my book. This is separate from being a child molester – lots of Americans are pedophiles and visit child porn sites, brothels in Bangkok, etc. I suspect that Jeff, like most non-Catholic American pedophiles, is a non-practicing one.
Joe, are you taking notes? This is Lexicon GOLD.
Jeff wrote the creepy sexual stuff about auntie moonbat saliva. His insistence of trying to force me to admit writing the statement he wrote since Day 1 has irritated me and has inspired my desire to make jokes about him and his wife and satchel.
For those playing the home game, the Joooooo Devil made her do it.

If Jeff would admit that:

a. he is the one who exhibited pedophilic tendencies prior to our altercation by:

i inspiring people to call him count cockula (=sex + children's cereal=pedophilia) and
ii. then using the moniker HIMSELF!

b. he wrote the auntie moonbat comment or at least admit that it is not possible to prove that i wrote it (because of the reasons I explain above)

c. the count without the O joke is VERY funny

I will have no need to:

1. verbally aggress against him and
2. refer to his wife and child

when I refer to the blog brawl.
Think we can arrange a group tour to the courthouse in November? We may witness a legal first: Death Penalty for Murder of Rational Thought in the first ephing degree.

Hat's off to you, Deb. That is some vintage Wine country cray zee.

I'm forwarding this to Mr. Goldstein's attorney, then taking a nice Brillo bath.

Pretty quiet this morning, so


Poetry Slam contest thread

Submit your nominations for poem and song parody of the week here.

Pathology v. Ideology

Batfrisch Crazy hit DebCon Red here on Tuesday, when the Debinator reopened her disgraceful Pedophile Playbook. In such times, the only appropriate response is a tranquilizer dart and a large net, or a quick pile-on from our resident Army of Davids.*

Tonight, Dr. Deborah Frisch has a post on her site tonight, lamenting the "big phoquing waste" of Oregonian lives lost in Iraq, she says, "for nada."

I disagree with her. Vehemently. But as SWP posts go, it's not Teh Crazy®. In fact, it's almost eloquent. It's not the sort of post that her former colleagues in academia would find objectionable, unlike her recent and recurring anti-Israel efforts.

Yes, it's Code Pink crazy. It's Kos crazy. But IMHO it isn't Teh Crazy®, that extra-special brand of Batfrisch that made this site possible, and necessary.

One day, our bipartisan task of riding herd on this angel-dusted Eugene Dalmatian will end. I look forward to the day we can invite a rehabilitated Deb to the table, where we can stomp each others' guts out over The Issues like civilized people.

Agree? Disagree?


*(I'm new at this. How do we summon Traffic Santa, anyway? Link-whoring? Puppy Blender references? Interesting content? Saying his name three times in front of a mirror? It's all so confusing.)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Because this place makes crack look like Sanka (h/t Dennis Miller)...

Night Owl Thread

Quick Bites

1. It's been relatively quiet today at SWP. Keep your fingers crossed. (So sue me - I'm a softie.)

2. The SWP tip jar is growing, and at an accelerating rate. (Three tippers, $15. Hey, that's two more Lincolns than John Wilkes Booth managed to drop.)

3. Weird Al Yankovic (MP3 download link) enters the Frischmas Eve poetry slam. (For you RIAA types out there, he's made it freely available. I buy his stuff twice just to ensure Al gets paid.)

4. Will Hosedragger's laptop survive last night's invasive surgery with files intact, or will we be forming a "Don't Hire James2of3" website? (Fair warning, James: we've seen Hosedragger's freckled muse. You want to keep him happy.)

5. Drudge has a cheesecake shot of Rosie O'Donnell and the ladies from The View. Curse him.

6. Denny Crane!


Dr. Deborah Frisch's latest post includes this encounter:
Yesterday, she joined the chorus of friends and family members suggesting that I am loco in the coco and should seek psychiatric counsel and/or medication. I gave her my standard reply - I'm opposed to synthetic psychoactive drugs.

Then she went and tried to get Bayesian on me. She argued that the fact that I believed I was not crazy was evidence that I was crazy! Now of course, in general, this is a crazy argument. If you, dear reader, believe you are not crazy, should that count as evidence that you are crazy? Probably not.

But if I really, truly think I am fine when friends, family and foes all think i m nutz....maybe that is a symptom of loconess in the coco. When Harvard psychologist and happiness expert Dan Gilbert dinged me on the jdm list, I wrote a snarky post about him (that has since been edited) and he sent me an email saying something very terse like "You're crazy." There are other signs as well, such as multiple pending litiginous matters vis-a-vis verbal aggression, lack of employment, etc.

If someone calls me a drunk when I take a sip of my weekly quota of one Bud Lite, and I deny it, my denial is not itself proof that I'm an alcoholic.

If Andy and Barney have cut me my own keys to the Mayberry dry-out tank, where I keep my office supplies, and someone calls me an alcoholic, and I deny it...

Perhaps it's the optimist in me. I see posts like this from Dr. Deborah Frisch as a positive development.

This Mr. Bayesian is one smart cookie.

Checking in, lowering the alert level and getting caught up...

No comments here, just an update.

Sooper sekrit message to Sulla: You're doing a great job buddy!

Tone it down a little or I will not be needed (or welcome) when I finally get moved...


The raft of late night posts is simply to set up for the morning rush.

It's tempting to let everything continue sequentially until the topic wanes or the conversation spins into a live-chat monstrosity, but we'll try the thematic posts this morning.

It's why tabbed browsers were invented.


The Lexicon is growing. (Shadenfrisch - perfect.)

A new category, Debinitions, is under construction. We're all familiar with the frequent use of words and terms that the Anglosphere defines in accepted ways, but which Deb insists on "framing" into definitions favorable to her, and accepted by...her.

Deb, you keep using these words. We do not think they mean what you think they mean.

"Actionable": Anything you say about me that I don't like is something I can sue about, even if what you say is true. I can sue and will make lots of money on my actionable issues.
(belated h/t to Mariposa)

What Debinitions have you noticed cropping up repeatedly? What is her Debinition, and what is the correct DHDebinition?

Partial list of candidates from her output yesterday: sissy, idiot, moron, stalker, thug, dishonorable, pedophile, pathetic, cesspool, "worth paying attention to" (shudder), boring

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Official Frischmas Eve Poetry Thread

Yesterday belonged to Hosedragger. Tuesday's Jour de la muse de grand poitrine saw our resident fireman whip out no fewer than a full score - that's twenty, Deb - of poems and parodies.

All entries you'd like considered since last week's voting should be copied here to simplify the voting process.


With Labor Day fast approaching, it's time to mothball the seersucker and break out the argyle.

SWP is inaugurating its Learning Annex, so why not launch our own Don't Hire Deb University.

For our decision analysis text, this book shows promise. I particularly recommend Chapter 13, which you can read by logging into Amazon.

And don't forget to Rate The Instructors. (h/t Hawksp)

To honor and support our valiant Hosedragger, who churned out more words on a scary topic in one day since Stephen King woke up yesterday, we launch the first-ever Technical Support thread.

Ask, and answer, computer questions here.

Separate thread for other discussions on the way.

If it's good enough for Atrios...

Open Thread

Hosedragger has been a filking tsunami today. (That's a compliment, not a typo.)

Not that never-ending threads are always a bad thing, but...

Open Thread

DHD Book Club

Deb has a new post up, "Being John Nash," and how her life somewhat resembles a mix of A Beautiful Mind and Being John Malkovich.

Since she mentions her difficulty getting obsessed with math, I thought it makes a nice segue to Prime Obsession, by John Derbyshire of National Review.

In the case of this book, people are obsessed with the riddle posed by Bernhard Riemann, and less by the man Reimann himself (though Derb goes a long way toward appreciating him).

There's even a Turing reference in the book, to keep things relevant.

My first thread is for sharing books you've read (or written, but you can couch it as one you've read to retain your privacy if you choose) and the impact they've had on you.

Since I am having connection troubles, I am giving the keys to DHD to our very own Sulla!

Welcome our new overlord.

(May God have mercy on his soul)

I honestly hoped that it would never get to this point, but I think recent events have forced my hand.

Check the advisory.

(Is there another color hotter than that?)

Catching up..

Just got over to the Mothership and found DebDroppings®.
what a GREAT blog! This is so interesting! I am so glad I discovered this place!

OOH - You have Ace of Spades on your “blogs of honor”

Ace is lying. The hombre is a 3 of clubs AT best.

Comment by elvis — August 28, 2006 @ 10:38 am
Glad you like it "elvis"! Too bad you don't like Ace, he's a funny guy and one "hombre" I wouldn't like mad at me, but then again you are a dead pop singer...
I pity my daughter’s generation of women, real men will be hard to find by the time she is ready to start dating (about 40 years from now).

I pity your daughter, having a dad like you.
Comment by deb — August 28, 2006 @ 10:42 am
I pity you because, clearly, you didn’t have a dad like me. If you had, you would have been taught right from wrong, respect for others, a solid work ethic, and how to behave in public. When I go home tonight my daughter will run to me yelling “daddy!” and fling herself into my loving arms. If you were to leave your shack, what would be there to greet you when you return?

Hmmm. I am “between jobs” and living on a 5 acre spread that I own in Eugene - an 1800 3 BR/3 bath main house and a cute little writing cabin where I blog, procrastinate working on my book, etc.

You’re an itinerant something or other - grad student?

How exactly are you better than me, sinner - man?

I just don’t get it.

Comment by deb — August 28, 2006 @ 10:40 am
Deb, you really don't want to go there. I mean REALLY.

Without giving too much away, I own multiple residences, in multiple states. I have a job that pays somewhere between 3 to 4 times your best-ever year, I have published books that are commercially successful. In my games career, I have published over 100 titles and had multiple top ten hits.

I am currently living in rental digs because I am on a three-year contract. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to buy a place in the middle of po-dunk-nowhere when I am moving on to yet another high-paying and spiritually rewarding gig in less than 2 years. At that time, the contract could get renewed (my decision, I haven’t made up my mind yet) or I could be going back to one of my homes and start a slow-down toward retirement. My net worth allows me the freedom to semi-retire in my 40s.

Well, I could go on, but I think I have made my point.

Update: Dr. Frisch doesn't know when to quit, that's why we love her so...
warriordumot said...

hi sinner - glad you saw my comments at your other pathetic blog! looks like you're a bit hot under the collar!

maybe you could go visit mr. goldstein and you guys could cum fort each other.


8:14 AM
warriordumot said...

Ooh, looks like the other sicko, pathetic, possibly child-molesting daddy-o is mad at me!

So you make more money than me sinner because you had a career in "games."

Whoopie phuquing do.

You are an idiot and a moron and a sissy and totally pathetic for creating a stalker blog.

You are friends with pedophiles like Jeff Goldstein, thugs like ace of spades and the dishonorable former navy SEAL matthew heidt.

you hang out with the cesspool of the blogosphere.

i repeat: i feel sorry for your daughter. not as sorry as i feel for satchel, of course, but pretty gosh darn sorry.

8:18 AM
That's right, dance monkey dance!

Never mind that your slime trail is being monitored, never mind that you have been served (in more ways than one). Just keep up teh crazy®.

Pull the String!

Also from the comments, something to lower my Anger level:
And sinner continues to beat up on Deb like a cheap piñata.
Thanks Muse!

BrendaK said...

Well, if Sinner wasn't such a bum for putting his personal life before his blog duties we wouldn't be having this problem.

Some people!


Update: Not really...

Update II: Sulla! Check your mail, thanks!

Sorry everyone!

The frickin phone company decided that my services needed to be cut off a few days BEFORE my move, just to keep my life interesting...

They even managed to screw up the PDA/Cell service.

I am completely cut off from the outside world, no phone, no internet, no PDA/Cell.

I will try to look in as often as I can, but the coffee is expensive...


Monday, August 28, 2006

Little advice for Dr. Deb, re:
positive cash flowing

I am a lot happier today than I was a week ago, peeps. I have come to the realization that my top priority ought to be increasing my cash flow. I am reading want ads in the Register Guard and craigslist eugene. I am going to ad some google ads, amazon links for books and cd's right after i finish this post.

i have created a south(west)paw savings account at my bank oregon community credit union. The routing number is XXX XXX XXX. The account number is XXX XXX. The account is completely separate from my regular account.

It's just like amazon or paypal, only no money gets skimmed by the credit card company, amazon or paypal.
Posted by Deb at 10:47 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
1. Don't count on the big bucks from Google Ads
2. Don't count on the big bucks from Amazon
3. In order get tips, you need readers and "tip worthy" content

Let me know how this plan works out, I may want to try it if you have success.

We have seen this before from Dr. Deb, but it bears repeating:
In a real democratic blogosphere, comments would be edited and sick, murderous, on the way to nazi land comments like this would be deleted and the perpetrators reprimanded.
Dr. Frisch seems to think that censorship is Democracy and free speech is "on the way to nazi land".

As has been noted before, this is most certainly only true in DebLand®.

Freedom of speech is the concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. It is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies.
Oscar Wilde:
Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

Nazis and censorship:
Once they succeeded in ending democracy and turning Germany into a one-party dictatorship, the Nazis orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign to win the loyalty and cooperation of Germans. The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in Germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way threatening to Nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated from all media.

I know which side I am on, what side are you on Dr. Deborah Frisch?

Good Morning!

Nothing noteworthy at SWP so far, so we get yet another


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dr. Deb makes an appearance in the "Official Sulla Tribute Thread" (below) and get her rear-end handed to her by more than one of those tricksey VBSers.

God, I love this gang.

(Its not a gang, its a club!)

Sulla! Sulla! SULLA!



Good morning!

What a strange night we have had in the previous thread.

Moved up the alreat level, but I am considering lowering it again (right Sulla?)

Saturday, August 26, 2006

At least she got the name right...


Update: Bumping down the alert level. Nothing happening. All is well. ETC.

I go so you don't have to...
thanx 2 doc rox

yesterday i pushed some buttons on my telephone
and thus i was connected with a prof@ arizon*.
her voice and words and hearing me did make me feel alright
Thanks to doc rox for healing from the long and scary night.
Posted by Deb at 07:43 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Again I get to say: Speculate...

Friday, August 25, 2006

Is it... or isn't it?


The overwhelming winner is ... Sulla's "Raven"!

Here is the winning piece
Once upon a browser dreary, while I burrowed, blitzed and bleary
Into many a faint and furious posting from some ill-begotten bore,
Suddenly there came an inkling, and I found my eyebrows wrinkling,
Like some Yorkie, softly tinkling on a cold, unpapered floor.
I clicked on a destination I had ne'er been to before;
Right-wing websites need me more.

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was in my quest for tenure,
That had launched my trip to Ragnarok in nineteen ninety-four.
I've compiled a list of people - some are villains, some just sheeple -
Who derailed my lifetime gravy train; and that is why I'm poor.
I should be an honored scholar at that school in Eugene, OR.
But I don't teach there no more.

After seven years of drudging I broke camp and started trudging
To a governmental posting in the Beltway corridor
In my quest for veneration I gave cash from my foundation
To whoever kissed my butt the most for funding their new score
"It's for science!" they would cry as they would pucker up once more
Here's your check, chump; there's the door.

Honorable mention to Fatwa for "Scary little Frischmas"
Have yourself a scary little Frischmas
Let teh crazy flow
Boot your Dell
And then uncork a nice bordeaux

Have yourself a scary little Frischmas,
Post teh crazy verse.
From now on your troubles
Will be getting worse

There you blog up in Orrey Gun
Hope you're having fun, you loon
Threaten those whom you're snarking at
And keep barking at the moon.

Through the years, you've burned all of your bridges
And it's all YOUR fault
Tenure track positions you've blown; oy gevalt!
By threat'ning 2-year-olds with sexual assault.

Thanks to everyone for voting and posting the work!

Until next Frischmas Eve!

Two hours until the close of voting.

If you have not voted, do so now.



Poetry slam entry period closed.

Have a look at the thread and send me your votes (sinsblog at

I will post winner(s) sometime this evening.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

This post brought to you by a nice 12 year old single malt.

Goodnight! (I know its early, but Mr. Scotch calls and I don't post while tipsy)


"Here is comes":
krazee kapitalism!

Just went to check out the bloggarazzi site and learned that a mofo named sinner has made $76 off of my cray zee and I've only made $10.

Dat don seem rot 2 me, folx.

Luv the terror alert though. Very funnee.
Posted by Deb at 02:33 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
For the record, I have made, and do not intent to make, a single thin dime from this site. If you want to tip me, tip Jeff instead and let me know so I can update the Jeff-o-meter in the sidebar. Of course, there are ... what are they called... advertisements on the page...

That revenue also goes to Jeff.

Raising the Deb-O-Meter... it looks to be ON

I wonder who Dr. Deb is talking about:
ciao, creeps

There are pi types of people who visit south(west)paw.

Type 1: Concerned friends, family, former colleagues who may or may not be potential targets, etc.

Type 2: Curious and interested observers hoping for a positive outcome (i.e., Coal bear ray pour!)

Type 3: Curious and interested observers (a.k.a., trainwreckers) hoping for a negative outcome

Type .14159: everyone else.

The Type 1 people and me (whatcha gonna du, grammar kop- lok mee upp?) are getting tired of the Type 3 people. We think that you are a bad influence on me and serve to inflame my rage instead of assisting me in expressing my many passionate beliefs and opinions in an effective manor (just joe king!).

So here's the deal, creeps. There is a kind of yin site that serves as the sissified outpost of the original south(west)paw. That's where all the sissy stalkers hang out. You can all post to your shriveled hearts' contents over there. No more comments on or about "teh cray zee" any more here at south(west)paw or any other post I deem uncommentable on. The drone over there will cut and paste my words and all you denny cranes and amandas and sullas and other assorted losers with life deficiency disorder can have your phun.


Kapish, creeps?
Posted by Deb at 12:18 PM | TrackBack (0)

Congrats Denny, and Sulla! You make the "big time"! I bow to your superior batfrischiness. She never has any love for a lowly Sinner. [sigh]

Oddly enough, I think I am in group #2. Maybe my definition of "positive outcome" is not the same as hers.

I just want to say how much it hurts me to be called "assorted losers with life deficiency disorder". Until this very minute, rushing in to check the news and then rushing out to do some important non-life activities with my family, I didn't know that I had no life. I must have no life because Dr. Deb says so and she has a PhD.

I gotta work on that.

With no new posts over at casa "teh crazy", I am downgrading the advisory...

Is it me or is John Cole taking a slap at us?
However, it is abundantly clear to me that she has a number of mental problems, and I don’t like the glee I see in many of the posts flaming her. She is a sad character, and she needs our sympathy and our help- not to be poked, prodded, and taunted.
Is that what we he sees here or am I hyper-sensitive? If that is indeed what we seem to be about, we need to correct that perception post-haste.

Of course, if you are judged by the quality of your detractors, I feel pretty good...

I do agree with this:
Hopefully, she will one day get over her problems, regret what she has done, and come to terms with her behavior and once again take up a productive role in society.
I know some here scoff at this, but I have always pressed for her to get help and take up some productive vocation that does not include contact with youth.


Use this open thread for non-poetry slam chit-chat. Thanks!


"Official" Frischmas Poetry Slam Thread

A day late and a dollar short, but yesterday was a doozie!

If you have a poem, song or other creative writing effort, post it in the comments. Then vote for your favorite via email (sinsblog at softhome dot net). The highest vote getters will be promoted to the front page.

Good luck and start writing!

Update: How about we set a deadline for midnight tonight (you jean time of course) and voting via email ends 6PM tomorrow. I will make a new post so the winners get top billing for a while.

BTW: Should consider Dr. Deb's recent poem an entry?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Forget it... too much going on and I have been out of the loop for too long.

I'll try to put the pieces into place in time.

BTW: 7,000+ visits and counting!


Prepare for the mighty INSTALANCHE!!!!!

Not us directly, but one of the VBS kids get the primary 'lanche, we are linked up in the referenced post.

A second order 'lanche!

Welcome all newbies!

See the sidebar for the DHD Lexicon and dive right in, the water's fine!

The only rule is that you at least try to stay away from the actual Dr. Deb site. The lack of hits is good for her recovery.

Nothing new of note over at casa "teh crazy" this fine morning.

I have been asked for a brief recap on yesterday's findings...

Dr. Frisch "made an appearance" in Arraignment Court on August 21, 2006

The criminal charges were:
  • Misdemeanor Stalking
  • Misdemeanor Telephonic Harassment
  • Another charge of Misdemeanor Telephonic Harassment
She pled "Not Guilty", paid $4000 in bail (or $400 to a bail bondsman) and left the courthouse.

The DA: Emem O. Ibanga

Most of this information comes from the Lane County docket (PDF)

The rest is speculation.

Someone in the comments (I can't find it now) mentioned that the folks at the Lane County Courthouse are very helpful over the phone and will provide any public information on the case. If that person (or someone else local) could call back and find out just who signed the complaint and report back (sinsblog at softhome dot net) the VBSers would be very grateful as well as any future prospective employers that will find this information here.

Anonymous tips are welcome.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Well, "teh crazy" is alive and well but I am sleepy


From the comments:
Denny Crane said...

In light of her arraignment, I had to send her an email (I would rather have posted it on her site, but I'm banned). Here it is:

"I am so sorry you disagreed with the legal advice I gave. You obviously knew better about the legalities of stalking, harassment, defamation, and related subjects than I. Yes, you certainly did know better."

"Like I, I'm sure the police who arrested you were wrong. I'm sure the DA who obtained that warrant was wrong. I'm sure the judge who arraigned you and ordered $4,000 bail was wrong. We javelinas just don't see true beauty the way you do. You seem to be the only truly enlightened one on our dismal planet."

"However, I'm sure you'll set us straight with more heartfelt talk about the trauma of working for Uncle $cam while we tortured those Iraqis, and being underemployed by the quacks, and the ex's and the dogs and the limp-lobed dungeons and dragons soft porn people (whatever you mean by that remains a mystery to my desiccated lobes). Yes, hopefully we'll all see the light one day, and recognize your genius for what it is. You'll deliver that bolt of enlightenment from the chair of Steve Colbert, no doubt."

"I am very sorry for letting you down. Now I understand why you banned me from commenting at your wonderful site; my bad advice was an embarrassing waste of bandwidth. Please forgive this retired astronaut, failed cop, kick-ass singer of old Beatles' songs, and bloated trial lawyer."

Humbly yours,

Denny Crane


Someone should contact the DA and have him read all the advice in the comments on her blog. She'll claim she snapped under all the bullshit pressure, but she has been warned about this for months by well-meaning people. She deserves the maximum penalty, in my opinion.
Denny has been so out there with really good advice for Dr. Deb and yet today we see what happens when good (and free) advice is ignored.


Here are the details

August 21, 2006 - MONDAY

Circuit Court
210616276 State v Frisch Deborah
Arraignment / Stalking - Misdemeanor / Misdemeanor
/ Telephonic Harassment x 2
No Control Number

DA: Ibanga Emem O.
I agree with the commenters that this is most likely an action taken by "the quacks" that she has been harassing on the blog and presumably in meatspace. I think the Goldstein shoe has yet to drop.

The $4000 bail seems excessive, but I am not an expert on these matters (thank God).

The speculation that she was in "the tank" for awhile is very interesting. Anyone out there have more info?

Thanks to everyone in the comment threads for the real work of tracking this down. For the record, I did none of this hard detective work it was all done by the VBSers.

Making these PUBLIC records more PUBLIC falls directly in line with the mission of this blog. This post will certainly be in the final roundup when "teh crazy" finally ends.

It does have to end... right?

For the love of God, don’t go over there for the new post. Its not worth your time.

Here is “Shorter Dr. Deb”:

Fired by the quacks! Waaaaaaaaa!

I’m a most extreme lefty and my picture is in the dictionary under “Bush Derangement Syndrome”.

BDS BDS BDS Iraq BDS BDS Murderer! BDS Bush in Iraq worse than Nazi treatment of Jews. BDS BDS Millions killed! BDS BDS BDS NAZIS! THIRD REICH! BDS BDS Only we, the EDUCATED Americans, matter.

I can’t believe I worked for the THIRD REICH! No wonder I am messed up in the head.

Did I mention that I do stand-up? Its bad for me, but I didn’t know that.

I’m an asshole at work. I always step over the line because BUSH MAKES ME DO IT! He’s such an idiot and yet an EVIL GENIUS!

Even though BUSH IS EVIL, everything bad in my life is due to the actions of the quacks. I am super-fantastic, they just could not handle my fantastic-ness!

I realize that I am unloved and unlovable. I also realize that I am going to alone because nobody likes an insane lefty.

SO… I am not going to be doing “teh crazy” for you peeps anymore because it might hurt my emotional well-being. Also, Bush is a poopy-head Nazi bastard!

Did you know that I’m a JEW? Really.. No foolin!

I promise not to hate religion, even if they all are undeniably evil and wrong. In fact, everything about them is completely against everything right and good in the world. Besides, if there were a God (there isn’t) why would it be MALE? FEH!

There. Now you need not add to her hitcounter.

I went over there for YOU! I'm a GIVER.

OK... I go off-line for a while and DebLand goes nuts.

I will digest the info from the comments and her new post and write something later. Gonna get my daughter some ice cream now.

Kicking up the alert level...

For now:


This comment at protein wisdom sounds a little familiar:
I’m sure whatever choice you make will be the incorrect one as with most of your life choices, loser. LOL
Posted by Jeff, suicide is painless | permalink
on 08/22 at 01:25 PM
Might not be Dr. Frisch, but is fits the MO. Notice the author (bold mine)

I knew "teh crazy" would come back!

Update: Out in front of the news on this one. Different IP, not from you jean.


Latest missive from casa "teh crazy" (reprinted here so you don't have to... well you know "teh whatt"):
sword-less in eugene

I'm not in the mood to blog, peeps. It is a beautiful day in Eugene - cloudy and cool - yum. It is too easy to use this blog to vent and hurt instead of healthy, jesterful jabbing at various kings and princes. I need to lay down my sword for a while.

I am sorry for not providing you with free entertainment today.

Have a good one.

Posted by Deb at 11:15 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)
No free entertainment today? I don't believe it.

Alert VBSer Sulla finds a bit of "teh crazy" that I missed. This time she goes to a hard-left blog looking for suggestions. They give her some (heh).

As I write, this piece is getting REALLY long, so I am going to extended entry it.

Click here for "teh crazy"
Here is the main post of interest from Dr. Deb:
word warrior said,

August 18, 2006 at 18:13

Come on, you sadly knows. I really need to decide how mean to be to the little sissy from colorado who might be the first person in the US to file a restraining order against someone he never met. You can’t get more pathetically sissified than that, as you sadly no folx surely no.

A sissy boy from colorado filed a restraining order against a badass dyke from oregon.

he is such a sissified, stupid dingbat I don’t really understand why you guys bother with him. unless….hmmm. unless you guys are sissified, stupid left wing dingbats!

by george i think i’ve got it!

i really would like your advice about how tuff to be wit da sissybaw from colorado!

Yep, going after Jeff again, and she has the nerve to call the owner of this blog (Sulla) a stalker and obsessed with her...

Now Sadly, No! is no friend to Mr. Goldstein, but even this group of like-minded individuals take time off beating some other random person to slap down Dr. Frisch like a redheaded stepchild. Here is a sample of the flava:
madjoey said,

August 18, 2006 at 18:43

word warrior: She’s magically trollicious!


mikey said,

August 18, 2006 at 18:55

Here’s my advice, deb.

1. Quit drinking. I know, it’s hard, but AA will help.

2. Get on medication. Valium can be helpful in cases of OCD and uncontrollable rage. You might even consider marijuana. I know, it’s not legal, but it might help you find some peace. And slow down the tweak.

3. Turn off the computer. You aren’t using it for anything of value anyway.

4. Try to get your mind on something other than Goldstein. Fantasy football, perhaps?

4. Write complete english language sentences, spell check them. Consider a remedial grammar course. Or maybe an ESL course.

5. Try to smile. The world is not this dark place inhabited only by Goldstein and your overwhelming rage. Find something you enjoy. Basket weaving, perhaps.

6. All that failing, at least TRY posting on a different topic. Anything will do. Dogs. Music. Give us a friday random ten or something.


Dorothy said,

August 18, 2006 at 19:44


Pamela claims to be a Randian, so avoiding reading Rand for her is pretty dumb. For the rest of us, it’s just brain-cell preservation. (I see you one Ayn Rand and raise you a Henry James…edited by Ezra Pound!…on crack! Damn. I still have flashbacks…)


Nobody here is going to help you “get back” at the “pussy” in Colorado for several reasons:
1) If there actually is a restraining order in place, deserved or not, “getting back” at the persons named in it is (say it with me, kids!) against the law. If we don’t support Our Dear Leader, The Glorious Commander Codpiece, when he randomly disregards the rule of law, why would be get behind a troll we don’t know?

2) Eh, we’re just not that into him. Or you.

3) We have lives. (I know! I was surprised too!)

4) Okay. Bored now. Moving on.

GoatBoy said,

August 18, 2006 at 20:06

Mmmm-MMM that’s some good Crazy Broad!

g said,

August 19, 2006 at 5:22

“Snotface?” Snotface?

Someone better up Deb’s meds. I’m not sure how this would go over in Graduate Seminar.
I guess that level of smackdown didn't stop our heroine because, as DHD regular HoseDragger notes, later in the weekend she was at this game again:
word warrior said,

August 19, 2006 at 22:48

uh, you guys have noticed that you are just as pathetic and untalented, writing-wise, as count cockula, haven’t you?

you’ve got nothing to say and no skill at saying it. i have to confess, i haven’t actually read the gibberish in your piece on jeff goldstein - just link to it for the pix and the evidence that the pathetic pissant mofo was widely despised in the blogosphere before i came on the scene.

but the truth is, you are almost as pathetic and intellectually flaccid as the count himself.

I still do not know who made up the term “count cockula.” Did Jeff choose this name for himself or did you idiots make up the name for him?

Now, that's some good "teh crazy". Ahhh.... savor the vintage... [shaking fist] SAVOR IT!

How stupid is it that she attacks someone's writing skillz??

My favorite person on that board is officially "mikey" (I'm sure he is honored at the mention!):

mikey said,

August 19, 2006 at 23:52

HAH!! To be callled “pathetic and intellectually flaccid” by the well-known pathetic whackjob deb frisch. Man, I’ll sleep well tonight. Can you imagine the terror it would evoke if instead she had written:

wow you guys R teh awesome, i cant get enuf of your phuquing humor please post more for me to read

Gawd, I have to go wash now….

"teh"???? Did he get that from Deb's comments or from here? hmmmm.. anyone care to "fess up"? Anyone... Beulher? ... Anyone?

Of course, Dr. Debroah Frisch (working on the Google rank as I speak!) is ready for more!
word warrior said,

August 20, 2006 at 5:32

sorry for interrupting all the cockslapping you closet-case sissies enjoy - i am so sorry for interrupting all your pathetic, sissified fun.

you guys are just as pathetic as jeff “i wanna suck my son’s cock” goldstein!

way 2 go, losers!
Here we find the truth. The Auntie moonbat/saliva stuff she consistantly denies, but she references her "greatest hit", which is 1000 times more damming than the saliva bit.

I added a comment in one of the S!N threads in hopes of getting a broader spectrum of DHDers.

Regulars: Please be nice if they come!

Monday, August 21, 2006

No change in the site since I last posted (12 hours)...

Yeeesh... Even I got a Coffee post up on my crapblog...

So, of course this means:


Now that I am looking around again (I pretty much took the weekend off), I am finding a few nuggests like this comment where Dr. Deb tells us the demographics of "teh DebLand":
You should call up on Monday and volunteer to do work for him.

I would think your experience with Decision/Risk would be invaluable. You are just the kind of person who should be representing the interests of the progressive left.

You are the new face of the left!
Posted by WayLeftFan at August 20, 2006 01:18 PM

WayLeftFan: You should call up on Monday and volunteer to do work for him.

The thought had crossed my mind as well vis-a-vis a temporary employment gig with Senator Wyden. I was hoping for the paying, benefitted kind - not the volunteer kynd! but we're in the same chapter, albeit not on the same page!

Ron Wyden SO wants to hire me as a kind of consultant. I will translate the views of the estranged left (John Zerzan crowd), the rabid left (me, 90% of Whitaker, 69% of south eugene, 50% of lane county, i reckon) the increasingly disturbed left (91.1% of University of Oregon faculty) and the increasingly agitated left (60% of Americans) into a language that is understandable and palatable to the progeny of Senator Wayne Morse.

u da man, ron! u 2, gordon!

u ma baws!

specially now dat paul is ded!


wayne morse

Posted by word warrior at August 20, 2006 04:38 PM
In "teh DebLand" 60% of Americans are in the "increasingly agitated left". I don't want to get into politics here, but I am pretty sure that in the real world that the numbers haven't changed from the 20/55/25 left/independent/right split. If the majority of americans were in the "increasingly agitated left", we would be in [gulp] President Gore's second term. [shake it off!]

The Oregon numbers might be right, but I doubt it. Wasn't Oregon a swing state in 2004 that frustrated the pundits with their mail-in only balloting?

Somehow, I missed this. Lucly for me the readership is more vigilant than I am. The following is a comment on the "peep pop quiz" post. The original comment from "frozenwingnut" refers to an upthread question about the TRO hearing. Enjoy what "teh crazy" there is:
She doesnt know. She doesnt have a lawyer, She didnt attend telephonically. She's just sitting in teh trailer talking to a doll waiting for cold bear to show up. More than likely it will be another green can man with a summons for trial to recoup compensatory damages as well punative. Maybe she will finish her book. I hope so. I hope its a gangbuster and Jeff will get lots of cash. Deb thinks this is like round 4-5. It isn't. This is starting round 2.

if you care at all about the pathetic, neutered, sissified, stupid, loser from colorado, you will not force me to tell the story of our legal battle before I am ready. jeff goldstein might be the first american to have filed a restraining order against a citizen he never met! ULTIMATE sissy of the year award, don't you think?
Posted by frozenwingnut at August 19, 2006 08:38 PM
This is really interesting, because I would have bet that her laywer was keeping a tight clamp on anything on her blog. She has been doing a good job of STFU about Jeff until this comment.

Interesting, subtle, not smart... LAYERS

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still nothing happening...

Sounds like she was within a half-shot of WTF Vodka of choosing a US Senator for her next "project"... Alas, it is not to be as a staffer defused the situation.

Good for Deb, bad for "teh crazy"®

Anyway, ala Atrios...


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sleepy... must sleep....


Here is a nice round up of the community here at DHD by our own joeshcmo1of3.

I like the roundup of inside terms.

Nice job!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Life sucks, then you are Dr. Deb...


This might be weak (with a capital "we"), but it accurately reflects what we are saying...

With (many) apologies to Aretha Franklin (a true great)
Click here for the song
Teh Crazy (Respect)

(oo) What we want
(oo) Baby, you got it
(oo) What we need
(oo) Do you know you got it?
(oo) All we’re askin'
(oo) Is for a little crazee when you come home (just a little bit)
Hey baby (just a little bit) when you get home
(just a little bit) Doctor (just a little bit)

I ain't gonna do you wrong while you're gone
Ain't gonna do you wrong (oo) 'cause I don't wanna (oo)
All I'm askin' (oo)
Is for a little crazee when you come home (just a little bit)
Baby (just a little bit) when you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

We’re about to call off all the stalkas
And put away the WTF Vodka
Unless you give us your crazee
When you get home (just a, just a, just a, just a)
Yeah baby (just a, just a, just a, just a)
When you get home (just a little bit)
Yeah (just a little bit)

------ instrumental break ------

Ooo, your Frisches (oo)
Nuttier than fruitcake (oo)
And guess what? (oo)
Our traffic's at stake (oo)
All we want you to do (oo) for us
Is give it to us when you get home (nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts)
Yeah baby (nuts,nuts,nuts,nuts)
Whip it to me (crazee, just a little bit)
When you get home, now (just a little bit)

Find out what it means to me
Take care, TCB

Oh (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
A little crazee (sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me)
Whoa, babe (just a little bit)
A little crazee (just a little bit)
We get tired (just a little bit)
Keep on tryin' (just a little bit)
You're runnin' out of foolin' (just a little bit)
And I ain't lyin' (just a little bit)
(cray, cray, cray, cray) 'zee
When you come home (cray, cray, cray, cray)
Or you might walk in (crazee, just a little bit)
And find out we’re gone (just a little bit)
We got to have (just a little bit)
A little crazee (just a little bit)

I apologize

Looks like the work of Dr. Deb...

Get some new material Deb! You are getting to suck at "teh crazy" almost as much as you suck at the Internet.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Everyone loves traffic stats!

DHD had actually had more hits then casa "teh crazy" every day since August 8th.

[Maxwell Smart] Missed it by THAT much [/Maxwell Smart]

Remove August 8th, and we beat her every day since August 3rd.

Thanks to all the contributors, the folks aren't coming to see my stuff, that's for sure.

Oh and by the way...


Just found this in the comments:
August 17, 2006
From the offices of Miles Monroe, publicist

As you know, this office (Miles Monroe & Assoc.) is and has represented Mr. Smeagol Smeagol for a number of years. Mr. Smeagol (who has also used the nome de plume "Gollum" in certain theatrical and cinematic ventures).

Mr. Smeagol was shocked and outraged to discover this morning that his name was associated with a parody posted to the website Don't Hire Deb Frisch ("DHDF"). In the outrageous post, Mr. Smeagol's good name and reputation were linked in an unfavorable way to Deb Frisch, a nearly homeless, unemployed and rabid former adjunct lecturer currently living near a state park restroom in Eugene Oregon. Ms. Frisch, who claims to have an advanced college degree from a large university (representatives of that school have contacted me and have asked that the school not be named), has often been described as "crazy as a shit-house rat". Currently the subject of a restraining order (the service of which involved law enforcement personnel in two states), Frisch has been accused of defaming and making threatening comments to children and adults across the US and Puerto Rico.

Mr. Smeagol stated, "This is an OUTRAGE! This is libel. And not the good kind. My good name has been forever tarnished due to being associated with Frisch." Having consulted with Sen. Ted Stevens, Smeagol has learned to his horror that this defamatory post has likely been sent via all the tubes of the internet, to people with computers all over the world.

Due to the lasting and pervasive effect on his film career of being ridiculed as being comparable to Frisch, Mr. Smeagol has retained counsel to explore the possibility of legal action. Mr. Emmanuel Goldstein, Esq., of the firm Goldstein Goldstein Goldstein Goldstein & Yamada, LLP, is consulting with Smeagol as to his possible legal recourse. Goldstein may take litiginious action in the form of retroactive restraining orders, requests for temporary dishonorable discharges, etc., in order to stop the circulation of these despicable characterizations of Mr. Smeagol. In addition, Smeagol fully intends to evaluate his monetary damages and will seek damages, possibly of $52,395 - current MSRP of a Hummer 2 less currently applicable manufacturer discount (different terms may apply to lease transactions, not all prices available to all customers, customer's final price may depend on his/her creditworthiness, your mileage may vary) - or more. When asked about the calculation of the damages, Smeagol said "Well, it has to be enough that we can buy something nice enough to take our preciouuussssss with us, doesn't it? We don't want the nasty hobbittses to walk around with our preciousssss in their nasty pocketses, do we? It belongs to us, we found it. We think a black Hummer 2 would be perfect for driving our with our preciousssss."

Potential plantiffs in this actions include DHDF, Sulla (proprietor of DHDF), hawksp, Deb Frisch, anyone having read the posts in question, and anyone the aforementioned has ever had sex with.

In conclusion, Mr. Smeagol stated: "This isn't just about me. It's about the children. Millions and millions of children have grown up thinking of Smeagol/Gollum as a lovable amphibian with a mild interest in jewelry. To have my name associated with an unemployed, child threatening, rabid lunatic with bleeding string warts (and a red teddy), will only do irreparable harm to those children."
DHD regular "openacanatuna" is responsible for that, in fact I am not even the blog owner anymore...

I'll leave the keys on the desk on my way out...

Update: Our comments, not Dr. Deb's.

You can tell because its... you know... funny.

After reading this:
Great link! I went there and...they aren't obsessed with YOU so much as they are laughing at you. And making very clever jokes at your expense. Excellent poetry, as well, which you could use some help with.

Hey - instead of paying someone to teach you to be funny, you could just learn from the commenters on that site. They've got teh funnee down.

maybe you should go hang out there, orangeena!
Posted by Orangeena at August 17, 2006 10:47 AM
I remembered my observation that the funniest stuff over there is written in the comments, by people other than Dr. Deb. "orangeena" points out that this site is much funnier, which in my completely objective opinion, is completely true and a very good observation. Clearly, "orangeena" is a person of style and grace with excellent taste in humor.

All kidding aside, the worst, lamest, crappiest attempt at humor here is about 200% funnier than anything that came out of Dr. Deb. Unintentional humor not withstanding, because that is the very best kind of humor when referring to Dr. Deb.

In fact, this unfunny post is at least 300% funnier than anything I have seen from her keyboard.

It seems that "teh crazy" has appeared at Vodkapundit again.

Thanks for the link!

Update: I wonder if that's "WTF Vodka"-pundit when they are getting frisched?

Went over for some "lunchtime teh crazy" and couldn't get past the top post (as of now anyway):
sicko stalker

I'm really getting sick of this creep:

John R Henry
Address: [removed]

Cell phone: [removed]

e-mail: [removed]
He lies about having talked to my friends and relatives on south(west)paw and on other blogs. He pretends he has spoken to my ex in tucson. He posts comments using my mother's name. He is icky creepy and I want him to cease and desist from posting comments about me on south(west)paw and the site for the looneytunes obsessed with me.

I wish I had as much information about the idiot named sulla who started the don't hire me site.

Thanks for the contact information, JohnRobert Henry!
Posted by Deb at 10:36 AM | Comments (2) | TrackBack (0)

SULLA! While sulla is a DHD regular and has been a major part of "teh funny", the name is SINNER.

Maybe if I say it loud and slow: S-I-N-N-E-R.


We are not "loonytoons", we are "tricksey VBSers". If you're gonna refer to us, at least go to the trouble of getting it right!

Update: Anyone know if there really is someone named "VBS" commenting over at Ace's?

Update II: Moving down the comments and I run across this:
Yeeeees, we are all idiots marching in zombie-like lockstep to the drum of a psychotic government pushing a moronic agenda.


To get on FoxNews...hmmm. You should start with being amusing, insightful and personable. Try practicing in front of a mirror. Be sure to frequently ask the deer and stuffed animals for their opinion of your progress.

Then, you should consume Colbert's brain.
Posted by BelindaK at August 17, 2006 08:34 AM
(bold mine)

Now, I wonder who could this "BelindaK" person be?

The latest in home-grown, organic "teh funny" from Hawksp:
DebGollum: VBSers hates us. Tricksey VBSers.

DebSmeagal: No, No, No, VBSers likes DebSmeagal. VBSers are our friend.

DebGollum: VBSers keep “the precious” and we wants it, don’ts we?

DebSmeagle: No, not listening, VBSers are our friend!


DebSmeagle: yes, yes, we hates the VBSers and we wants “the precious”.

DebGollum: And what is….”the precious”?

DebSmeagle: VBSers bandwidth.

DebGollum: And hows does we gets it?

DebSmeagle: We JB their ephing asses!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Open thread for anything all ya'lls want to talk about...

As for me, I'm going to bed.


I'm starting to feel like Duncan Black.

It's time for me to step up to the comendy plate again. I fell off the last two times, but my wounds have healed and I am ready to hear crickets again...


A poem for "teh cycle"-eve.

It was the night before Frischmas and all through the blogs
Not a pundit was posting, not even about dogs
The DHD-ers were huddled with shotglasses, one ounce
The promise of “teh crazy” making them ready to pounce

With BrendaK in a sockpuppet and Hawksp in a rant,
We all tried to look away, but we just can’t
When out in “you jean” there arouse such a clatter
OregonMuse was chosen to see what was the matter

South(west)paw was in a tizzy, OregonMuse reports
Dr. Deb says with Steven Colbert she wants to consort
To get his attention, “teh crazy” must be white hot
So out comes “teh vodka”, twenty-one shots

“Now Boo Kitty!”, “now Fatwa!”, “now BlizzardLane and Rabbit!”
“On JoeSchmo!”, “on Staci”, a TV spot’s open and I want to grab it!
Feed me some comedy; it’s time to get tough!
I can’t make the “Colbert Report” with my original stuff!

What happens next, nobody knows
We have to wait for what “teh cycle” throws.

Update: Pheeeeew! The world is sane again for another day.

Thanks everyone!

Update II: If you have not read this comment thread, do yourself a favor and do so now. It's "teh crazy"-eve poetry slam!

Tell me something. Why is it that this motley crue had waaaaay more poetry talent that a certain PhD? Just sayin'

DHD regular Timothy gets a mention and some linky love from Dr. Deb!

Maybe you're next Timothy!

Good luck with that!

No news is good news.

As predicted, there is nothing, except a simple "A-OK" comment, on the TRO-PRO court action.

I will take this as a good sign that all went very well for the forces of good and badly for "teh crazy".

Since there is nothing, as of now, to report...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The plan for cash-flow turnaround at casa "teh crazy" becomes clear in this comment:
Can I have your monkey?

Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee Deb.

I wanna, I wanna.

I'm missing an eye.
the primate's not for sale. but i might have other goods from the unablogga ranch up for auction. i gotta get my cash flowing in the postive direction again!
Posted by Velveteen the Rabbit at August 15, 2006 12:32 PM
This is a plan that might work Dr. Deb! I'm pretty sure that many of "teh gang" would pay top dollar for real Dr. Deborah Frisch memorabilia on eBaty!

Unexpectedly called offsite today, of all days!

With this and VBS tonight, I may not be around much today.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Slim Pickins, but this is funny!
Oh, no, that just isn't right. I have it on the best authorities at that KERRY WON.

You said Kerry lost. You are not a good liberal. You are a traitor to the cause. We must now proceed to destroy your reputation and mock you incessantly.

Oh, wait...
Posted by URong at August 14, 2006 05:16 PM
Nice job!

On Another note, I caution against getting your hopes up for "teh crazy" tommorow. The court date is important, but I suspect all will be quiet. Jeff has been (smart and) silent and Dr. Deb's lawyer should have enough info now to shut down "teh crazy".

I think the best thing that could happen tomorrow is Nothing, which would mean that the court case went well.

This might be a DHD (Sinner at least) first. Dr. Deb has written something (I assume that "anonymous" is a DD sockpuppet) that is funny on it's own merits:
I am doing the best I can to resist making a bad joke about
the critical assessment of Robert Service as a writer of

Instead, I think I will just watch and wait today. I suspect
the lynch mob from the Vacation Bible School is growing

Posted by anonymous at August 14, 2006 10:26 AM
(bold mine)

Of course, you have to be a fairly regular reader of DHD in order to get it... hmmm... What does that say about our source of "teh craque"???

And, yes we are getting a bit restless!

(HT: DHD Regular BlizzardLine)

With Dr. Deb rampaging on multiple blog comment sections and trashing both of my favorite reads (Jeff and Ace) I think its time for objectivity to rear its ugly head. I'm forced to take Dr. Deb and Ace to:

“The Tale of the Tape” Ace of Spades vs. Dr. Deborah Frisch

CategoryAce of SpadesDr. Deborah FrischAdvantage
“Ace of Spades Lifestyle”Invented itLives itAce
Incoherent RantsOccasionalFrequentDr. Deb
TV ExperienceBrief glimpse on FOXNewsMentioned by Brit HumeAce
VodkaValu-Rite VodkaWTF VodkaPUSH
Most disturbing phrase“Nasty Adolf/Dirty Sanchez”**“Plenty of saliva”Ace
Blog friendsJeff G, Patterco, SluBlog, Sobek, Garfield Ridge, 7 Deadly Sins and many othersNoneACE
Audio exposure:Own RightTalk show (currently w/ Jeff G)Interviewed by no-name host.*In a shocker! Dr. Deb!
Political ViewsTaken SeriouslyPoint and LaughAce
TargetsOlliver Willis, Andrew SullivanEveryone in the free worldAce
ChicksNever gets anyJust broke upDr. Deb
Non-political passionsWar Porn, Porn, Geek Porn, PornDogs, NatureDr. Deb

So there you have it, it's so simple when you break things down scientifically. In a landslide (and a transparent attempt to get a link) Ace of Spades is the winner!

Remember, the numbers never lie!

(Apologies to a really funny and forgiving guy, Nick Bakay)

Update: * I am told she did appear on some minor/local/unlistened to show... DOH!

Update: ** I give up, I thought I was up on Ace's stuff but my memory is faulty.

OR my humor is just so refined that none of you VBS Lynch Mob types get it!

Nahhh, I just suck.

Our own Sulla makes the fisk of the night!
Dear Mr. Divine

I thought she was an atheist? Getting kinda formal with the Guy Upstairs, ain't she? (well, we are talking about SEALS...)

I am the former director of the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program at the National Science Foundation.

"I am also a former tenure-track professor, a former adjunct lecturer, and former dog walker. I am currently working as a standup comic in Eugene, Oregon, if by working you mean free soft drinks and bus fare."

On July 6, I had a disagreement with a gentleman from Colorado on his web site regarding the wisdom of the war in Iraq.

He adopted me as his pet moonbat, but it didn't work out too well.

Oh yeah. Add "former official pet moonbat, Protein Wisdom, June 2006" to my curriculum vitae.

The conversation got nasty and I said something very mean and nasty to the effect that I would not care if harm came to my combatant's child.

Along with some other stuff that I didn't write, though someone at my keyboard at the same time as me did. Let's call her "Lilith." That's what my dog calls her.

A former Navy SEAL named Matthew Heidt lied about what happened (saying I threatened the child when I merely expressed indifference to his well-being)

These are not the droids you're looking for.

and posted my employer's contact information on his website to incite people to call my boss so I would get in trouble.

He incited them by quoting me faithfully. Well, not me, Lilith. He quoted Lilith. The bastard.

Thanks for the correction, Woofie.

After 300 people emailed my boss on July 8, I felt forced to resign.

But I didn't like the stupid job anyway, so he did me a favor, really.

Mr. Heidt also posted my home address at the same time he posted lies about me, which can only be interpreted as an attempt to incite physical violence against me.

Because, you know, people are dying to go to FRIGGING ARIZONA IN THE FRIGGING SUMMER just to work up a sweat roughing up a middle-aged douche like me.

It is disgusting for a former Navy SEAL to try to incite violence against a lesbian.

Damn, I'm glad I'm not straight. Cuz if he'd incited violence against a breeder, then, well, I'd have been all for it. Overpopulation and all that.

Nowhere NEAR as bad as the Marines who rape and murder Iraqi civilians, of course, but still dishonorable.

Woofie made me put that in. Cuz really, who gives a rip about Iraqi civilians? We're talking about an ADJUNCT LECTURE job, fercryinoutloud. You know how tough it is to get that kinda sweet gig with only an Ivy League PH.D?

Mr. Heidt a.k.a. Froggy@blackfive was an unethical word warrior. He is despicable and an embarrassment to your organization.

Damn, that's good vodka.

I am wondering if there is a public relations person I could speak to about my grievances with the former Navy SEAL who was by far, the least honorable combatant in the incident?

Cuz you know, it's not like you have really IMPORTANT stuff to do, like preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution. I mean, that stuff's for suckers. We know it's all about foreign pooter and blowin' shit up.

Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.
Eugene, OR

I'll be at Peabody's this Wednesday, if you want to catch my high-LAR-ious Stephen-Colbertish topical humor, such as how Israel is Auschwitzing Lebanon and how bloody brilliant I am cuz I can say ephu bookoo in my erudite multilingual way. kapeesh?
Nice job Sulla!

Thanks to Vodkapundit for teh link!

Best of all, its in place of a link to Dr. Deb's! Tricky!

Nice job... NOT
When are you going to sue DHD for plagiarizing all your material and putting it up on their site?
good idea! i'll put it on my 2 du list!
Posted by anon at August 13, 2006 09:51 PM
Lucky for me/us that Dr. Deb has thoughtfully spelled out the terms of use!

Just to be sure, all blockquoted material on this site is attributed to

8P Phttttttttttttth!

Update: I expect that the licence link may dissapear so:

We seem to have hit the lowpoint of "teh cycle":
water warriors

As you may have noticed, I really loved my husky who died in May. It’s a little bit sad and lonely to be here at Camp Kaczynski without Cody. But there is one way that life at CK is infinitely better w/o Cody than it was w/Cody. The deer that apparently think they own the place are much safer now that Cody has you know whatted the bucket.

From conversations with neighbors, I gather that the deer population in general is doing rather well in Eugene these days. In my own yard, the deer explosion is undeniable. I can’t remember ever seeing more than 3 or 4 deer under the apple tree at once. Last week, there were six, maybe eight deer there at once, depending on how you count.

There were six deer under the tree together. When they walked, single file southeast on the trail into the woods, I counted male, female, female, child, male, female. As I watched the pack in amazement, a female and child arrived at the apple tree. The female and maybe male from the end of the six-pack sort of hovered and waited for the mom and child so I perceived them as one larger 8-unit pack.

The deer@camp.kaczynski are very relaxed and casual. While mowing the yard one afternoon, I came across a female SITTING (!!!!!!!) in the grass next to the garage while a male munched on the grass. They were as shocked to see me as I was to see them and they left pronto, but sheesh! theez is very relaxed folx!

the bucks have these teensy, tiny antlers that are so cute that you kind of just want to drop dead and die when you look at them, they are so ephing cute. these little bucks in my backyard remind me of soldiers. they remind me of the 20 year old brave, tough men from Madras and Hood River being blown to smithereens in a desert for a lie. What a waste of Oregon’s best and brightest.

I was watching my teevee tonight and there was a show on for like five hours about Navy SEALS in training. The SEALS had just done a difficult exercise where they had to stay suspended on two parallel wires (hand and foot height) for 30 seconds. If you have half a brain, you understand that the task is MUCH harder than it looks. You watch a couple of guys try it. Then you look at exhausted SEALS in training at the end of the day. One SEAL in training is shivering. That one did me in. I saw the buck in my backyard and the shivering water warrior in training and I just started you know whatting right there in my living room!

That shivering SEAL made my brain decide I ain’t got no business being mad at a Navy SEAL. Mr. Heidt really treated me badly, but now that I’ve seen the Navy SEAL training program, I just can’t get it up to hate a SEAL. They inspire me and give me hope for the military. They really, truly are some kind of something else. Watch the video and see for yourself.

I adore the water-warriors and grieve the death of Mr. Lee. Whatever grievances I have with Mr. Heidt pale in comparison to the sacrifices made by Navy SEALS. Besides, my gripe with Mr. Heidt has nothing to do with his career as a Navy SEAL.


word warrior
eugene, or
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Here are the possibilities, as I see them:
  • Ran out of "teh craque" AND WTF Vodka
  • Got a "nice" letter from an attorney
  • She is actually sincere

My guesses:
  • Highly likely
  • Ding Ding Ding!
  • Naaaaaaaw...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The letter everyone seems to be talking about:
dishonorable SEAL update

I just emailed this letter to Mark Divine, the media contact person for the Navy SEALS.

Dear Mr. Divine,

I am the former director of the Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program at the National Science Foundation. On July 6, I had a disagreement with a gentleman from Colorado on his web site regarding the wisdom of the war in Iraq. The conversation got nasty and I said something very mean and nasty to the effect that I would not care if harm came to my combatant's child.

A former Navy SEAL named Matthew Heidt lied about what happened (saying I threatened the child when I merely expressed indifference to his well-being) on his website and posted my employer's contact information on his website to incite people to call my boss so I would get in trouble. After 300 people emailed my boss on July 8, I felt forced to resign. Mr. Heidt also posted my home address at the same time he posted lies about me, which can only be interpreted as an attempt to incite physical violence against me. It is disgusting for a former Navy SEAL to try to incite violence against a lesbian. Nowhere NEAR as bad as the Marines who rape and murder Iraqi civilians, of course, but still dishonorable.

Mr. Heidt a.k.a. Froggy@blackfive was an unethical word warrior. He is despicable and an embarrassment to your organization.

I am wondering if there is a public relations person I could speak to about my grievances with the former Navy SEAL who was by far, the least honorable combatant in the incident?

Thank you,

Deborah Frisch, Ph.D.
Eugene, OR
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Fisk away!

Update: One last hit before bed.
you guys are crazy. i went out trying to inflame rightwingnuts and i caught a dishonorable former navy SEAL! but you idiots don't see yet that i have succeeded in baiting the rabid, stupid right beyond my wildest dreams!

lay off the craque, dingbats - this is working out grrrrr-eat 4 me!
Sorry folks, teh vodka is no longer the substance of choice.

teh craque!

Teh king is dead, long live teh king!

Clearly something has happened... 50+ comments? I can't wade through right now.

Just to annoy Ken/Deb, I am going to give a brief explaination...

I was out all day getting my orientation for teaching at our church's "Vacation Bible School". The sessions start in about a hour and will be every night this week. \
So, I am just going to grab something to eat then I am off again.

Filling young minds... A pleasure that Dr. Deb should never again feel.

Anyway, here is the bleg...

Someone please summarize WTF is going on that generates this much commentry and send me an email (sinsblog at softhome dot net).

That will help me hit the gound running when I get back.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Our favorite source of "teh crazy" is also the world's fastest hiker!

She posts that she is going Hiking in the "Oregon Wild" at 8:20am and is back to post "teh ironic" at 9:16am

Now, that's what I call efficient!

It took me almost 3 hours for my walk to the park with the family. Dr. Deb should write a time management book.

We need a new "teh"

I propose an addition to our lexicon here at DHD: "teh ironic". Example:
formal request

some of the mail i am receiving is sexually and physically disgusting and threatening. i 'm getting tired of it.

one culprit is a person who calls himself 1sttofight with email

Last known IP address:

I perceive the comments on south(west)paw to constitute stalking. i request that mr. bobby fight cease from posting comments on south(west)paw.

any comment posted after this time (Saturday, August 12, 9 a.m. pacific) will be considered actual stalking behavior. i will take this information, in conjunction with the dozens of other comments from this email address to the lane county courthouse and file a restraining order against this party.

ciao, bobby.
don't make me get legal on yo ass, baw, okay?
Posted by Deb at 09:16 AM | Comments (6) | TrackBack (0)
Pretty funny in the face, right? Dr. Deb angry about behavior she herself enages in and is proud to admit. She kicks it up a notch i the comments:
Instead of getting a restraining order, can't you just block the user or IP address?

Wouldn't that be a good solution?

banning an IP address is useless. he can go to a library. he can go to a site that scrambles your IP address. banning an IP address is not enough in terms of the message I want to send to this guy who has been stalking me for weeks.

i want the mofo to really hear me that I am sick of his psychostalker comments. i want him to go away for ever from south(west)paw.
Posted by blubby at August 12, 2006 09:21 AM
So Deb is this a validation of Jeffs RO? Do you see it that way?
No. Banning an IP address is useless in this type of situation. A conventional RO is useless also.

It's the wild west of the blogosphere. Too much anonymity. Too much spillover into the real world.

I don't know how it will evolve, but neither banning of IP address nor RO is the way to go in disputes like this.

There needs to be a blogcopz headquarters - maybe google and blogger could provide this service to mediate the myriad disputes that occur in the blogosphere.

Eventually, blog owners will be liable for the comments they allow to stay posted, that's for sure. That's why I am interested in engaging wtih Matthew Heidt. He incited rightwingnuts to call my boss and lie to him. he incited them to post my home address, which can only be interpreted as an invitation to physical violence.

He stalked me the worst, Matthew Heidt and he is a former Navy Seal. He whooped my a** good but I'm still here and I want to nominate Mr. Heidt as the most dishonorable combatant in the entire blog brawl. I want to file a formal petition to serve him with a retroactive dishonorable discharge from the Navy. or at least from the SEALS.

The boys want the game to be over - they done had their fun. But it justs keeps getting more and more fun for me.
Except for the creepy dingbats like bobby and a few others. So I need to take action to get rid of these people from my blog.

banning IP or getting RO won't work. any ideas what i should do to get rid of bobby-o from sw-paw?
Posted by John at August 12, 2006 09:43 AM

"teh vodka" leads to "teh crazy" which leads to "teh ironic".

Wait... its Saturday and yet "teh crazy" still flows...

This time the location is Vodkapundit (I see absolutly no irony there)
Did you hear ace of spades kicked the deck?
Posted by wordwarrior at August 11, 2006 01:23 PM
More creepy that you might think, because the subject matter of the post.

Death and kids again... Deb's in her comfort zone!

HT: to my anonymous tipster!

DHD regular Hawksp puts into words what many of us are feeling in regard to the actions of Dr. Deborah Frisch and the Blackfive memorial.


Deb Frisch doesn’t have the courage to post this on her site. She is devoid of compassion for anything but herself and has repeatedly denigrated the good names of dead servicemen and women.

I originally sent this comment from my office this afternoon.

“Doctor Frisch, you are amazing! Your bravery is like the Cowardly Lion with the medal he never really earned as you type behind the safety of your computer screen. Your intelligence is as phony as the paper the Scarecrow received and as far as the heart goes, I think you might still be waiting on one.

I am one of your kooky Christians and a 30-year Army veteran still on active duty. Given my time in the military, you'd think that it would be pretty easy for me to dish it out like a “drunken sailor” like you. That isn’t the case. I have managed over the years to maintain a level of decorum in my language. It’s mainly because of my faith, but also being in leadership positions demands I be able to communicate in a professional manner. I believe expletives detract from that. I save course words for extreme conditions and I believe this is an entirely appropriate circumstance.

You Ma’am are an “Attention-Whore” and in need of serious psychiatric help! Damn you! Your outrageous statements concerning our fallen are neither appreciated nor welcomed.

Granted, this is your site and you obviously have a right to express your narrow-minded and bigoted point of view here. But there is no requirement that you do so. Who the hell do you think you are defiling the memory of these great Americans? Did you miss the news this week? Do you still not believe we are at war with radical, Islamic Fascists? Ten planes with thousands of people could have been lost. They are out there every day trying to kill us. At this point I don’t care why they want to kill us. I only care about our ability to kill them first. The people I work with every day and I know that this is why we fight. We know that this is why we leave our families and deploy for years at a time. Whether you believe it or not, let alone appreciate it, we do it for all Americans; even your worthless fourth point of contact. We get it! Why don’t you?

What I really believe is that you and people of your ilk don’t care any more about peace than your average terrorist. To you and the other bandana wearing anarchist thugs running around your so-called peace rallies, it’s all about the political power you’ve lost. Think about this, in the world that radical Islam would have you live, your live would be very different. As a woman, your opinion would not be allowed at the risk of prison. As a lesbian, you would be executed.

For me though, it’s about your comments regarding our fallen. I am going to ask you to please, for all that might still be good in your heart, leave the memory of these men and women alone. Our president and his administration have demonstrated they are more than capable of taking the ridiculous and hateful criticisms you seditious bastards spew. You of could, live under the protection of the First Amendment and may say those things. But it is the brave men and women of the United States Armed Forces that have given you that privilege. So to sully the sacrifice made by those patriots by questioning their motivations or intelligence is abhorrent and you haven’t earned that right.

Your words are an abomination.”

You deleted it! COWARD!

Ten minutes later I posted this, and you put it up.

“It’s funny. No sooner did I send off the post (that I'm sure you will delete) than I heard the "Retreat" ceremony sound from outside of my office window here at Ft. Bragg. It is two beautiful, haunting tunes that are played at the end of our workday. Where it once called our soldier back at the end of a battle, it now causes us to pause and remember the fallen as we lower the flag. I am sad for you that you will probably never understand what it feels like in my chest when I hear it.”

You offered this little gem of wisdom.

“how pathetic, hawksp. so many brave, noble, poor mofos been used as cannon fodder because the commander-in-chief is a puppet. so many dead, maimed and mentally damaged troops. so many dupes, damaged or dead for NAFUCKINGDA. keep denying it, wingnuts! keep sending more and more of your rightwing, kristian baws off to git slaughtered!
u go, wingnuts!
Posted by word warrior at August 11, 2006 03:42 PM”


What is pathetic is your lack of courage to print my original text. You’re real brave when you can pick and choose the point of view that goes up on your site. Are you scared of my words? You lefties are all about free speech until you get a chance to stifle someone else’s opinion that you don’t like. Here's some advice because I know you troll here. Keep your wretched comments about our war dead to yourself you fatherless rodent!

Thanks to Sinner for a site to expose the evil stupidity of Doctor Debra Frisch.


I question her patroitism.

A few quick hits on "traffic".

We had just of 4000 visitors yesterday (Friday).

Fun Facts about this number:
  • Highest DHD count eveh!
  • Most came from Allah's link (thank you!)
  • Most popular ISP domain was ".edu"

Most important fact, it was a little less then DOUBLE the count at Dr. Deb's (see sidebar link).

It's working!

Friday, August 11, 2006

A brief conversation between

A "Word Warrior" (WW) and "Teh Vodka" (TV)

TV: What's all this about froggy?
WW: hombra got na honerz an kneeds 2 di
TV: Wow, ok, what about Jeff?
WW: da 123 gots zero honerz an kneeds to stfu. kapeech
TV: So you have all the honor, I suppose
WW: props from my peeps! olive u
TV: If you have so much honor, why can't you admit a mistake
WW: da pissant gots ta b sut dawn! I don wanna hair bout dat nomo!
TV: Of all the people who drink vodka, I get this...

Update:OK, that sucks... Try this

Progress on the google front!

Someone came here on a search for "blog of Dr. Deborah Frisch", so I tried the search.

Guess what the #1 result is?

Go ahead, Guess....

I have a confession.

I got started on the net this morning, posted this and seriously thought that the ride was over. Dr. Deb got herself a lawyer and was starting to post unrelated stuff that was less than interesting. It sure looked like another internet fad had run its course.

My outrage meter was pegged and all teh jokes were pretty much used up. It was time to wrap it up and move on before it became "old" (© Garfield Ridge)

But, I had a problem. I wanted to write something really good, a wrapup of the whole affair and make it the 100th post to this blog. I needed filler material.

This is the 100th post.

What do you think of the filler material?

Update: I'm really sorry gang... I forget that you are not my regular readers, who would have seen this for the sarcastic post that it is...

Of course I not shutting down now! Deb just pushed the boundries again!

Yes, I simply must remember the mantra and align my che

I will trust teh cycle
Teh vodka is part of teh cycle
Vodka-Thirty is on Thursday night
I will trust teh cycle

Again, sorry... All'Yalls will get used to my sarcastic nature...

I will have no fear, fear is the mind killer

Steve at Angry in the Great White Notrh stops by the comments to inform us that he has already made 3 updates to the froggy post, including some sitemeter screenshots of the path Dr. Debbie took to get to his site.

For God's sake, followed a link from the blog's frickin' ADMIN screen?

I think she WANTS to be caught, this may be a cry for help.

Or not...


This is a followup to this post.

Update: Dr. Deb takes a bow at the link above (Update #4)
Name: word warrior
Email Address:
it's a tough call. i'd say no, wait and see what happens.

but heck. what do i know?

thanx 4 the publicity, hombre!

And, yes... it came from the same IP

Ok, fess up... Who posted this bit of fun?
TEH: u no lik me?

WW: i nate u

TEH: olive u

WW: Y?

TEH: u r sum crayzee phunnie p-head-dee

Posted by The Teh at August 11, 2006 10:59 AM