Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tips, tips and more tips! Thanks to all that have alerted me to :
i got a threatening letter from the cockula family lawyer tonight, a feller by the name of Paul Lewis, esquire. I am wondering why this hombre thought it was a good idea to serve me with a restraining order today. i am wondering why he thought it was a good idea to send me a badass tough lawyer letter tonight. (eef u don shaddup, we gonna sue yo ass!)

he ain't the sharpest tack on the block, but of course, what would you expect by someone who is counsel for the count and countess cockula.

I need to think about Paul's letter on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Todd Goldstein of Denver, Colorado before posting its contents and my response here.
Posted by word warrior at August 3, 2006 06:30 PM
Note that this is after the my eariler post that wondered how she could keep it up after the restraining order.

Holy Crap!

Would she really post the contents of this letter? Seems to me that would be sealing the deal for the legal proceedings.


At 9:59 PM, Blogger mr ativan said...

If this is her "hombre", I see much pain in her future.

Paul F. Lewis, P.C.
Litigation Group Moye/White

"Visualize world conquest."

Areas of concentration
Complex commercial and civil Litigation
Computer and Internet law
Employment law

Education and credentials
Stanford University Law School, J.D.
Weber State College, B.A., magna cum laude

Colorado Bar Association
Denver Bar Association
Member of Colorado Bar Association's Internet Task Force
Instructor, Trial Advocacy Program, University of Colorado School of Law
Member, Society of Human Resource Managers

In the past few years, Paul Lewis' multi-faceted practice has focused principally on representing employers in labor and employment matters. Representing national, regional and local employers, he handles a spectrum of issues from administrative proceedings through court trials, and advises clients on employment relationships. Paul also writes and frequently lectures on employment law and related legal issues.

While Paul emphasizes employment law in his practice, his background also includes broad experience in commercial litigation, representing clients in a wide array of anti-trust, copyright, professional negligence, breach of contract, bank fraud, corporate and partnership dissolution, environmental contamination and real estate disputes.

His background in Internet and computer law contributes to Paul's unique perspective on the legal concerns of technology developers, as well as its users. Expertise in this area led to Paul serving on the Internet Task Force for the Colorado Bar Association.

At 5:12 AM, Blogger Sinner said...

Since we have seen no real evidence that this person is involved other than Dr. Deb mentioning him, I would suspect that he is among the many that declined to take the case.

If that is true, his background is not relevant and his ethics have been vindicated.

If he turned her down, he might want to make a statement to that effect, lest his reputation gets smeared.

At 6:36 AM, Blogger Bilgeman said...


Did she not post this?

"It would behoove Mr. Paul Lewis, Esquire of Denver, CO to contact me asap, if not sooner"

But then later in the day she posts this:

"i got a threatening letter from the cockula family lawyer tonight, a feller by the name of Paul Lewis, esquire. I am wondering why this hombre thought it was a good idea to serve me with a restraining order today. i am wondering why he thought it was a good idea to send me a badass tough lawyer letter tonight."

She asks for it, and when she gets it,(in all likelihood a boilerplate "Cease and Desist Order"), she wonders why he contacted her?


You ASKED for it, you dummie! Don't you remember?

Gonna keep smokin' that meth until that meth smokes YOU, huh?


At 8:53 AM, Blogger Bilgeman said...


The Follies of Frisch part:(numbers don't go high enough)

"After talking to Mr. Haas for 20 minutes, I decided to forget about taking legal action against anyone at this time. "

I laughed so hard that I nearly soiled myself!

People have been spending the last 3 weeks telling her that she's got dick for a case, I can only imagine that Mr. Haas might have told her the same, or else he demanded money upfront,(which she doesn't have).

But she's "decided to forget" it?


This n' was a hoot too!:

"I didn't bother posting any of the correspondence from yesterday (terms of restraining order, email from Mr. Haas with whom I consulted, letter from Jeff's lawyer in response to my request for financial compensation for my damages) because it was interesting to see how people misinterpreted what transpired"

JG's lawyer didn't send her a "Cease and Desist" order at all, NOW she's claiming that he was responding to her blatant extortion attempt.

What's legalese for:

"Lady...Fuck YOU!"?

Anyone? anyone?

And the best part was THIS gem:

"And since I was cool with the terms of the RO, i don't need a lawyer for that either."

Can she say:

"Public Defender"?

There's penny-tent-sherries chock full of people who can help her pronounce that one.

She gives us what she's going to do with the rest of her summer "vacation"...(note that "finding a job" isn't included):

" i'm going to go back to the primary agenda of south(west)paw - decision science, poetry, mocking dubya, eretz yisrael, kooky kristians, the dismal scientists at harvard and george moron university, sexism in academia, even in cognitive/decision science, the pinker/summers vs. spelke/? debate, and pointing out how pathological mainstream academic economics is. Larry Summers, Ben Bernanke, Tyler Cowen, Steve Levitt, Dick Thaler - these are my real targets. It's time they got back on my radar."

I can only goggle at the depth of unrestrained joy this news is likely to bring to the people so named.

Does anyone know where one can hire a brass marching band?

This celebratory parade is likley gonna be a DOOZIE!

Post too funny, laugh too hard...must go take nap.

See y'all at the big bonfire!


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