Friday, August 04, 2006

Dr. Frisch:
I don't really understand all the comments or what the fight between qrstv and the others is about. Even I am confused at this point.

I did not mean to be stalking or mean to sg in this post. I was trying to conjure up good feelings toward him. I asked JG's lawyer to write up an agreement whereby I would be financially compensated in exchange for agreeing to leave the o-less count and the progeny out of it from now on. I am well within my legal rights to mock the entire cockula family, as long as I do not physically threaten them. Since I've never threatened them yet, this seems very doable.

If Jeff wants it to be just between word warrior and count cockula from now on, he gonna have to make it worth my while to suppress my contempt, rage and disgust for his unhonorable behavior (auntie moonbat comment, allowing wingnuts like phucking phroggy to incite losers to email my boss on a saturday).

if the count is honorable, he will take steps to encourage me to leave the rest of the cockulas out of it from now on.

if i were more honorable, i'd just leave the other cockulas out of it without any compensation from JG. But given his dishonorable conduct vis a vis the saliva quote and inciting the wingnuts by going along with the ruse i'd threatened the tyke, i don't feel like giving him the cunt or satchel for free.

but it appears that hot chix totally do not think it is kul at all to drag the kid in. hunew.

so i need to unilaterally disarm myself of satchel/snatchel jokes from now on.

For the record: I made up a snatchel joke (good thing Mr. and Mrs. Cockula didn't have a girl! They would have named her snatchel!) and emailed it to JG privately after he rebuffed a half dozen email attempts to negotiate a financial agreement or be put in contact with his legal counsel.

JG took the snatchel joke in the email i sent and posted it on lipid stupidity. that's how much he cares about his tyke's well-being once he gets on the web. what a sicko daddyo.

jeff didn't delete the original ramsey comments, opting instead to use it as part of a telethon. that's how much he cares about his tyke's well-being. any other daddyo would have just deleted the nasty ramsey joke. what a sicko daddyo.

no mo talking bout the tyke. good luck, hombre. you are going to need it.

the count and count w/o O are more than fair game.
Posted by word warrior at August 4, 2006 08:31 AM
This is as good a wrap up of Dr. Deb's thinking as any I have seen. You see, she didn't do anything wrong and is still not doing anything wrong. Whereas, Jeff has caused her great harm and all she can do at this point is make fun of him and his family.

She's completely wrong about this of course.



At 11:21 AM, Blogger Thalia said...

Hi -- first time commenter.

What strikes me is how DF's writing style degenerates as her written ramblings progress. I wonder if it's because she has a hard time maintaining focus in order to complete a coherent stream of thought, or if it's a style that she puts on as a front?

Whatever the cause, one thing is clear (as so many others have observed) - DF is out of control, possibly insane, in need of serious help, and in depths of hot water that she either cannot, or will not face.

Just based on her behavior, I opine that she needs serious, long-term psychiatric help.

At 1:30 PM, Blogger Timothy said...

Is this a good time to tell Deb that lipids are different than proteins?

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Sulla said...

What astounds me is how tenaciously she clings to her ranting points ('never said auntie moonbat,' 'jeff says he didn't feel threatened, so I have a blank check for all time,' 'anything short of a jail cell means I have nothing to worry about', 'have I mentioned my snatchel joke?', etc.).

Anyone tries to get her to use her vaunted brain, and she breaks out her Magic 8 Ball of replies ("nope, but thanks for playing!"; "u r stoopid"; "I have a PhD from an ivy league school, so you lose the argument"...)

in the end, she's become a Turing test (ironic, given the Protein Wisdom running gag). A simple computer program could spit out her replies with equal reliability; heck, I get email spam that's better poetry than Deb's.

It's become tiresome.

If there weren't a human being at the center, I wouldn't care at all. Ironic, that it began when she told Jeff that he wasn't "human" to her. If she wasn't human to me, I could walk away and let nature take its course. But she is, so I can't.

If any of Deb's loved ones are paying attention, please: intervene She may need to be dragged from her keyboard, but in the long run she'll be better for it, and will thank you.

At 11:57 PM, Blogger Fenrisulven said...

I'm wondering if she has a brain tumor.


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