Friday, August 04, 2006

In a comment thread, DHD Regular McGehee makes a good point:
"You who are encouraging Deb to kill herself are mentally ill yourselves."

Maybe so, maybe not. Such talk is certainly uncalled for.

There's a reason why Deb posts those comments, and quite simply, those who are submitting them are simply playing into her game and aggravating her descent.

Dr. Deb's response:

nice guess, McGehee. The real reason I post them is to show how rabid rightwing nutcases try to convince lefties who are hundreds of times smarter and more honorable than them (me, Denice Denton) that we oughta oph ourselves.

I'm being a lightning rod for sick rightwing nutcases- that's why i hung out in swamp cockula in the first place. get it?
doubt it. u ain't got no neurons, i'm betting.
Posted by McGehee at August 4, 2006 06:58 AM

Another DHD regular, Bilgeman, finds it very interesting that she mentions Denice Denton who fell at her own hand after (what some would call) right wingnut pressure. (I don't buy it, in case you can't tell).

I also find it interesting, but I am not rooting for a similar end. I still hold out hope that she gets help and can start a new, non-teaching, life.



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