Friday, September 08, 2006


Virtual August is at an end. We've shipped. Hot dang!

The previous thread has some intriguing tidbits from Deb about her arrest, culled from Abbeyweb. Links available as well, for the stouthearted. Check it out.

Me...I'm going to Disneyland!


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Hosedragger said...

I am really glad that the hell is done.

However I would just like to say that for the record...if you are indeed going to Disneyland, that you.....


At 3:29 AM, Blogger Sulla said...

Nah, I'm not going to Disneyland, or Knotts, or Six Flags, or Universal Studios.

I'm going to bed.

And sleeping til Tuesday.

At 3:32 AM, Blogger Hawksp said...

Early morning off topic here.

I just read the story about the last minute rewrite to ABCs 9-11 series over on MMalkins blog.

ABC caves over a call from the former Prez himself. While at the same time, at a film festival in Canada, a British film maker is being heralded for making a film about the assassination of Prez Bush. WTF!

They (liberals) should never utter about free speech again.

Joe Geobbels would have been so proud.

At 3:33 AM, Blogger Hawksp said...

I've got to quit reading the news before I go running in the morning.


At 3:51 AM, Blogger Rabbit said...

DEB-Court Countdown Calendar:

Just 17 short days until her next scheduled courtdate. (That we know of) Sept. 25,2006 in Lane County Oregon.

Will DEB-Bile remain free from teh Green Can Man until then?

Will DEB-Bile remain unable to post on her own pawthetic blog?

At 4:07 AM, Blogger Blizzardlane said...

Dang, I just spent a few minutes at the abbeyweb archives (love the "subscribers only" warning at the top; folks, it's the Internets. Password protect it or deal!) and she's just as nutty there as she's been elsewhere. Anyone who offers her "advice" that's contrary to what her warped compass tells her is a "limp-lobed pissant." Nice.

At 4:13 AM, Blogger Rabbit said...

Maybe Sinner can lift that expaination of her time in jail & front page it here.

That was really touching what you wrote on AoS. Thanks for reposting it here.

At 4:31 AM, Blogger BrendaK said...

Good morning.

Well, it is morning anyway.

Apparently H. Reid made a not-so-veiled threat to try to pull ABC's broadcasting license, which is total BS but still jack*ssery of the first order. Could he bend over any further to the KosKidz and the mmooreons?

Dems threaten to pull ABC's license in protest

At 4:36 AM, Blogger BrendaK said...

How do y'all figure Dr. Deb ever managed to teach college students? They do like to disagree with the adjunct lecturers on occasion...

I had two professors (they lived with each other) who would spend the entire quarter reading the freaking textbook aloud to us. No questions or observations allowed, they just stood in front of the class and READ FROM THE TEXTBOOK...snore...

Wonder if she did something like that.

At 4:44 AM, Blogger Rabbit said...

Timothy would know, wasn't he in one of her classes?

At 4:56 AM, Blogger Blizzardlane said...

As adjunct and with no substantial research to her name, she was probably teaching low-level research methods or survey courses. The high-dollar tenure-track profs get all the upper-division classrooms.

At 4:58 AM, Blogger Hawksp said...

Amen BrendaK.

Same order as Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid calling the administration every name in the book over the last 6 years and now they're wanting to call for a vote of no confidenece over Sec Rumsfield because he made a speech and called them out on their weak stance on the GWOT.

Everyone was asking what this site should become after Deb had the proverbial fork suck in her.

I've got an idea. Grass roots movement that starts right here, right now, to turn the predictions of the fall elections around.

I will not serve under these hypocrites.

At 7:21 AM, Blogger BrendaK said...

Hawk -

The military lost experienced soldiers in droves during Clinton's reign of carelessness, and recruitment was in the basement; if the Dems win the next election it will be the same story all over again.

So what if the Dems vote no confidence for Rumsfield? We certainly already knew they feel that way. It's just one more way to see the lines between the parties - which, let's face it, get blurrier by the day.

I'm not overly happy with the crop of Republican-lites we have right now, but they're the only game in town. Sigh.


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