Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh my...

thanx 4 the free leegull advice.

Brit Hume @ Faux Newz commited slander and defamated (note to language copz: phuque defamed - he defamated me) my character when he said I had threatened a toddler instead of merely predicting a lack of negative affect should said toddler die. I'm all out of tears for dead toddlers after three years of Uncle Sam murdering, maiming and torturing iraqi ones. I'm real sorry for being such a cold shriveled bitch.

I did not threaten Satchel.
Jeff told Kim Smith of the AZ Daily Star (July 12 front page (!) article) he "never felt threatened."

The folx at fox phuqued up. Pajamas Mediumb phuqued up. Blogger did too by allowing the creation of a "DontHireDrDeborahFrisch" blog.

And Jeff phuqued up by holding PW telethons using me during and since the altercation. I want some dat baw's profits from Protein Wisdom.

He's got $3000 in his tip jar. How much do you think Mr. Cockula has earned in total (checks, cash, ,tip jar, amazon, etc.) from lipid stupidity?

I want all the money he's earned from Protein Wisdom or $25K (half my damages) whatever is smaller. I'm thinking the earnings will be lower...but hu nose?
Yea! Another mention! But no link love, Deb? Come on now.... I link you all the time! ;)


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