Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dr. Deborah Frisch has been very active in her harassment and slander hobby.

Friday, July 6, 2007
teh road kill?

sinner - the choice is yours. you can identify yourself or i can upload the picture.

twitchy humper's choice!

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Sexually charged blackmail, nice.
Using a disability of a loved one, also nice.
BTW: The threat was that she would post the picture of one on my online friend's child. (It is particularly awful because the child in question has passed away)

teh gerbils

i am assuming that jerrie gerbil is jerrie lou barrett. jerrie.atrick leads to this link which is how i got barrett. both are catholic and have a deceased son. now obviously, i can't be 100% sure that gerbil jerrie=st. olaf's jerrie. if this is not true, that is, if jerrie gerbil is not jerrie lou barrett, then jerrie gerbil has a choice.

Option A: Do nothing in which case I will assume jerrie gerbil is jerrie lou barrett thus reverend monsignor rudolph a. daz, deacons manuel trujillo and dan essary will be the butts of a lot of nasty priest/altar boy jokes.

Option B: Identify herself and thus spare Ms. Barrett, Monsignor Daz et al unwanted (I assume) phone contact.

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Here we see a rather pedestrian Frisch harassment. "I will write awful (as in not funny) jokes about you and your loved ones as well as harass a stranger unless you subject yourself to my real world harassment."

So, the question is...

Do you want someone on your faculty that can even conceive of stuff like this, let alone write it out.

Let alone publish it?

I hope not.

UPDATE: Wow, gotta admire someone with the balls to double down with a 5...
Thursday, July 12, 2007
experiment 1

This blog will be deleted if and when I receive contact information for the lawyer for Kirk Hays and Sinner. Gerbils need to decide how sacred and important they believe the image of a dead gerbil-spawn to be.

Help me help Jerrie, gerbils. Provide me with the contact information for a lawyer for sinner and kirk and this blog is history. Reply before 5 p.m. and I'll delete all pictures of jerrie and his spawn from my hard drive!

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Or not... meh


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