Friday, March 13, 2009

As of now, this blog is the #2 result on Google for "Deb Frisch".

This means it is functioning as intended as it will be hard to miss for someone looking at Miss Debbie© for hiring purposes.

I really need to add the following to the archive, though others have done a better job than I have, this one is cray-zee enough to dust off this old blog...

Context: This was posted the day AFTER Miss Debbie© was sentenced for her pepper-spray loose holster incident. Read about it here.

Friday, March 13, 2009
carl and ross

I have met Mr. Ross [the non-LCPD court-appointed lawyer who would have represented me in the sentencing hearing, had LCCC Judge Mitchell approved LCPD Saydack's motion to withdraw as counsel post-conviction/pre-sentencing] twice before. The first time was in September, 2006 when i met with him to ask if he would represent me prior to retaining Hugh Duvall to represent me in a similar interpersonal dispute. I picked his firm out of the phone book because his law partner was Gary Carl, the man who built/first owner of my house.

In that case, I was handed a stalking petition, cited for stalking and telephonic harassment at 2:30 a.m. when a trio of EPD officers in two cars hightailed it out to my place outside of the limits of Eugene and hauled me into the Lane County Jail for 20 hours for text messaging a former tenant named [REDACTED] (a [REDACTED] at [REDACTED]) after a man got on the phone, alleged to be an EPD officer told me not to contact her any more.

I text messaged U R NUTZ and that triggered EPD Officer Vreim and two equally synaptically-deficient sidekicks to kidnap me from my property outside of the city limits of eugene and assault me and hold me against my will, without legal authority at 101 W. 5th Avenue. [I did not notice until a few weeks ago that the probable cause statement was notarized but not signed by a judge, something Mr. Duvall failed to notice or chose to withhold from me.]

The second time I encountered Mr. Ross was in the courtroom of Judge Kasubhai while he, Ms. Miller and Mr. Volmert were privately discussing my private life. Mr. Ross might remember me if you say it was a day he was representing a tearful woman who was in handcuffs being guarded by a beefy female Sheriff's Deputy. I was sitting next to former LCDA Deputy Brian Barnes and a young African-American male. They chitchatted about basketball and mentioned LCCC Judge Kip Leonard.

I'm 100% sure that Mr. Ross will remember encountering me a few months ago in Judge Kasubhai's courtroom and 90% sure he won't remember encountering me a few years ago in his office.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I had previously gone to the office of Mr. Ross seeking legal counsel and he screamed at me to get out when he found out it was a criminal case, not the minor estate planning I said on the phone to secure a quick appointment.

That is, prior to hiring Mr. Duvall to represent me in a similar matter, I met with Mr. Ross and he screamed at me to leave when he found out it involved misdemeanor defense and not estate planning. Therefore, I would have even less confidence in his ability to represent me in this case than in Mr. Saydack's ability to do so, since Mr. Ross had previously alleged to me that he did not handle criminal cases like this.

Too bad the LCPD decision maker (Mr. Haz*?) didn't ask me to see if I had any legal contact with Mr. Ross, prior to assigning him as Mr. Saydack's replacement. Ouch.

Heck, maybe if I'd had:

a. Mr. Ross defending me and
b. Gary Carl as a defense witness to testify about whether he thought I was justified in spraying an allegedly illegal substance toward a feloniously(sic)-intended trespasser (i.e., a burglar) in the "mud room" of the house he built

I might have defeated Ms. Miller!
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Note that I was forced to redact the name, profession and employer of her original victim above. Incidentally, this poor person's image adorns the above post, see screenshot

OK... whew... that there is some industrial strength cray-zee.

The day AFTER getting what some have called "a pat on the wrist", she going on the offensive calling out not only the ADA, a number of her former lawbaws, the poor sap lawbaw that was assigned to represent her, virtually every law enforcement officer in Lane County but the freaking JUDGE...

A reminder: She is on 3 years of court supervised probation.

The very best part (IMHO) is when she is shocked (SHOCKED I SAY) that a lawbaw would become annoyed and toss her from his office after learning she made the appointment under false pretenses.

It is no wonder that virtually every lawbaw that has come into contact with Miss Debbie© has petitioned to be removed from her case. The poor Public Defender's office has to resort to assigning a estate lawyer to represent her at sentencing.

If there is a clearer reason why this person should not be in a position of authority, especially in a teaching/mentor role, I have yet to see it.



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