Thursday, July 20, 2006

Newest MSM story here.

Dr. Frisch's take is just as crazy as the rest of her "writing":
Someone at Faux Newz named Wendy McElroy has an in-depth story about my ill-fated adventure at Lipid Stupidity. It's pretty accurate, although it's a good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I read that Protein Wisdom was a "well-respected site" or I'd be out shopping for a new keyboard right now.

Lipid Stupidity is a soft-porn/dungeons&dragons site disguised as political commentary. It is widely despised and ridiculed in the left-wing blogosphere. Google "sadly no jeff goldstein" for more.
Please do Google "sadly no jeff goldstein", you will find this hit piece by someone (as hard as it seems to fathom) almost as batshit crazy as the good Doctor.

Of course, this is seen by the feeble but PhD'ed mind as "proof" that Mr. Goldstein is stupid and just plain evil.


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