Friday, July 28, 2006

If this isn't the "Professor", someone has sure got her schtick down pat
Dear Mr. Goldstein,

I perceive this to be a physical threat. Let nature take its course means inflame the local rightwingnuts in the northwest and one of them will kill me.

There is no other interpretation of “identify location and just let nature take its course” here, Jeff.

I request that you delete this comment in order to decrease the probability that I will incur more physical and/or financial damages as a result of our misunderstanding.

Due to lies propagated by you, BlackFive, Ace of Spades and many other Pajamas Media blogs, I have incurred:

a. physical threats via email and comments to my blog and harm due to my feeling forced to resign to try to squelch the wingnut cyberstalking, media propaganda, lies to my boss at the University of Arizona, POSTING OF HOME ADDRESS BY EPHING PHROGGY@BLACKFIVE. The five of spades and/or clubs. Not in Ace of Spades league. Nowhere NEAR Villainous Company’s league. Not in the same UNIVERSE as my league, Jeff. I’m in a league of my own, bloggily speaking.

Froggy at Blackfive is a phony warrior.
Ephu, phroggy.
Ephu beaucoup. (Note: This is what I was trying to say with my ill-chosen Ramsey joke.)

c. future financial harm caused by the popping up of blogs called Don’t Hire Dr. Deborah Frisch. I perceive this to be a threat to my future cash flow, Mr. Goldstein. I think the courts would agree.

And if you inflame a psychokiller like the ones in Seattle, Colorado and wherever else serial killers are popping up these days and some mofo ophs me 2nite, u r gonna be one sorry hombre, hombre. And Satchel’s gonna have some kind of nasty karma to deal with, I promise u that. Call the cops on me man, I’m threatening to send yo baw some bad karma if you incite some mofo to oph me. Our destinies are linked from here on out, hombre, no matter how much we’d like to pretend it ain’t so. U ain’t ma first phake husband, but u da nastiest, dat fo sho.

If you do not delete the aforementioned comment, I will add it to the list of harm you and Pajamas Media have caused me.

Right now, PM is looking at about $50K in real damages, a mil in damaged future earnings and a half a million in emotional stress.

Someone shoots me or I drink the koolaid, I’m thinking my peeps are gonna sue PM for millions of buckaroos. It will be bye bye Pajamas and bad karma for the tyke, daddy-o.

Think about it, hombre.

Turding wurd: hot

It’s finally cooling down here in You jean, orrey gone.

Thank the goddess.

Ciao, mofos.
Posted by someone claiming to be Deb on Jeff's hiatus post. I am very interested in the IP data from this post, I hope Jeff will let us in on this. (BTW: Jeff, please email me if you don't want to post this info. I will keep it in confidence)

Thanks for stopping by Deb!

I'm sorry that you think this is has anything to do with you personally. What it is about is protecting the next generation of leaders from the crazy that you personify.

If you really “think the courts would agree”, you have not done your homework. The perfect defense to a libel charge is the unvarnished truth and that is what is posted here.

I also have the right to give voice my opinion that you are not qualified to hold a teaching position despite your PhD. Again, this is not a personal attack, I would think that same of anyone that acted as you have these past few weeks.

What Mr. Goldstein has to do with this blog is exactly nada, zero, zip, bupkis. Trying to infer that Jeff has something to do with my activities is absurd and even beneath your rudimentary, naïve and incomplete understanding of libel laws. Am I a fan of Jeff’s? You bet! Am I a mindless drone spewing idiot talking points? Not to my knowledge (but I bet you have an opinion on that). Other than my fondness for Jeff’s work, he has nothing to do with this blog.

It is interesting that you find my efforts here to be offensive since the vast majority of the content is generated by you.


Update: Jeff confirms (in the comments) that this post is from Dr. Debbie's IP.


At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The IP for the comment is -- the same used last evening on my site, and the one that Patterico identified through an email from her.

At 1:43 AM, Blogger Sinner said...

Thanks Jeff!

I figured it would be, but was open to the possibility that is was a hoax.

At 8:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Froggy is actually a SEAL.

Deb ought to work on her research skills.

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will also confirm that I wrote the post to which you refer.

email me to prove this is not a sockpuppet.

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Her "peeps" are going to sue Pajamas Media should something happen? Last I checked, Dr. Coocoo-for-coacoapufs didn't have any peeps left.

Thanks for the site. I linked it at mine. It is easier than re-posting everything, and going to her site and giving her a hit.

At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how durable Dr. Debbie's peeps are, myself.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Eugene Police Department
(541) 682-5111

Oregon State Police

Lane County
Sheriff's Office
Eugene, Oregon

Lane County Law Enforcement

Register-Guard (Eugene newspaper)

KEZI-9 (Eugene TV station)

KMTR NewsSource 16 (Eugene TV station)

Oregon Justice Department
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

(**This post recognizes the right of free speech for any citizen to alert the media and law enforcement to possible criminal activity, and the right for citizens to know public contact information about the media and law enforcment agencies)


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