Thursday, July 27, 2006

I was hopeful that I would no long need to post here... but here comes the crazy...
What are you talking about? If you piss me off again I’m going to add satchel as a verb to that stupid little online “urban” fictionary your pissant anklebiting motherphuquing a-hole boyfriendz added frisch to. Capice?

Satchel. Verb: to drag your kid into sexually inappropriate fights on your blog. Subset of “yucky, icky, sicko things mommies and daddies (but usually daddies) do to their children.”

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold, so i’m holding off on verbizing your progeny, mofo.

Call the FBI. Call your lawyer. BRING IT ON JEFFY BOY!!!!

Shee it. Did I ever misoverestimate you and your pissants.

It’s week 3 of my fifteen minutes of fame, you moron. Shut up.

P.S. You gotta admit, the count without the O joke is pretty good.
This in an email to Jeff that he posted in his comments section.


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