Thursday, July 27, 2006

Holy Crap! The crazy rolls on!


For the last couple of weeks, I've posted comments from people mocking, insulting, chastising, haranguing and berating me. From now on, any comment that is a personal attack on me will be deleted. I'm tired of pretending I care what obsessed wingnuts with nothing better to do think. Sorry.

I will not delete substantive comments about the contents of posts on Israel, dubya, kristianity, kapitalism, eye-rack, the war on terrorism (NOTE: it is not a coincidence that war on rhymes with moron! Think about it,peeps!)

The place you are most likely to get your ass deleted is on posts relating to the blog brawl.

1.If you use the opportunity to yell at me about how horrible and terrible and bad the thing I said was (indifference toward demise of a toddler), I’ll delete your comment.

2. If you yell at me about the thing I didn’t say (auntie moonbat saliva kiss), you’re banned.

3. If you pretend I ever threatened to physically harm Satchel Goldstein and didn’t just dehumanize him verbally to get back at his daddy for verbally dehumanizing me and allowing his pathetic friends to verbally dehumanize me, you’re banned. For good.

I reserve the right to delete your post or ban your ass for any other reason I want. Evil Pundit is banned for posting the lie re: Satchel on Benny’s post. I will not post any other such disgusting verbiage on Benny or any other posts. So you’re shooting blanks if you’re insulting me on South(west)paw. If that’s your gig, I encourage you to go visit Count Cockula’s swamp.

If YOU post a comment and some snarky person responds in a way you think is over the line, email me and I'll investigate. The moron from Colorado should edit the comments in his cesspool too. Blog managers should delete threatening, offensive, dehumanizing comments on their blog, at least if they want to be treated seriously in the world of ideas. Pajamas Media should not include pseudointellectual soft-porn blogs like Protein Wisdom.

I assumed that because Dan Drezner, a "conservative-libertarian" like the nutcase economists at george moron university was part of Pajamas Media, the organization as a whole represented the upper echelons of intellectual discourse in the blogosophere - blogs by people with advanced degrees discussing serious issues.

Dr. Drezner and I are not in the same category as Mr. Goldstein. Our blogs are not in the same category as Protein Wisdom.

Drezner's a creep for lending his name to the sicko cult of Pajamas Media. What exactly is Pajamas Media anyway? I understand how having a Ph.D. gets you membership in a consortium of intellectual blogs. I guess at Pajamas Media, staying at home all day in your pajamas and playing with yourself and a two year old works also.


Note: The term "blog manager" was coined by the stupid, sexist publisher of the Tucson Citizen Michael Chihak who used the term to differentiate Mr. Goldstein from me, "the troll."

Dear Mr. Chihak,

I'm a blog manager too and also a former employee of the National Science foundation, University of Oregon and University of Arizona.

I have a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, an institution whose psychology faculty is one of the best in the nation, a bit lower than Stanford. So even though Penn's not Stanford in terms of quality of psychology department, it's darn close which means I have a doctorate degree and 3 Pac-10 affiliations and Mr. Goldstein has.....the same type of genitals as you.

What a prick you are, Mike.

You ephed up in your pathetic slapping of me and dissing of La Monica Everett-Haynes who wrote the original article. Ms. Everett-Haynes was much more gentle on me than the rest of the mass mediumb and I will be eternally grateful to her for it. What a bitch she was for going easy on me, Mke. I guess you agree with Mr. Goldstein in his assessment of Ms. Everett-Haynes?

What an ass you are, Mike.

I really want to sue the Tucson Citizen for libel. Or is it slander.

Actually, both the Tucson Citizen and Fox News lied in a way that the Arizona Daily Star and the Eugene Register Guard did not, by implying that I’d threatened Satchel. Professor goes postal. Very clever, Mr. Hume! . U sur r wittee!!!

Any lawyers out there?

If only Blackfive was a member of a corporate owned consortium – that’s the biggest villain by far in this story.

Blackfive posted a lie that Jeff Goldstein never posted (threatened a toddler) and my boss’ email address and my home address for a while until I negotiated with Ace of Spades to get the mofo to delete the address.

I would love to know more about Froggy@blackfive AND blackfive itself, if anyone cares to share.

Jeff didn’t really say I threatened Satchel. He made other false allegations later – he accused me of libel at one point, I think, for saying on my blog that I didn’t say the auntie moonbat thing. I wasn't too scared. I figured if I got a call from a lawyer, I'd delete the offending comments. But of course, no lawyer ever called because what I did wasn't actionable.

Jeff also threatened to "call the authorities" when I made the count without the O joke. It was hard to follow, actually. But the point is JG admitted it was a joke within hours of the altercation. He’d accepted an offer of a bottle of tequila before any newspaper printed the story. So Fox News lied because it published two stories implying I’d threatened Mr. Goldstein’s child when JG HIMSELF admitted on his blog and in the first AZ Daily Star story on July 11 that he'd never felt threatened. THANKS, KIM SMITH!

Of course, Jeff himself did libel (slander?) me when he wouldn’t back down on the auntie moonbat quote. I admitted to the jonbenet part, instead of just LYING the next morning and saying I didn’t write it or apologizing and saying it was just the tequila talking.

Jeff accused me of the auntie moonbat quote on his blog because he had a “screenshot” of the ISP address from which the comment was posted. But blog managers like Jeff and me can edit and delete comments. So having the ISP address of a comment on your blog isn’t proof of the identity of the author of the comment. Is this guy on crack or just dumber than a fencepost?

Also, why would I admit to the ramsey part and deny the auntie moonbat part? Does that make ANY sense? Is Protein Wisdom full of crackheads? Why didn't anyone tell Jeff to stop going for pedophile and stick with indifferent to murder?

Jeff Goldstein lied about me in his interview with Kim Smith of the AZ Daily Star. Until this moment, I was furious with her that she’d published the story as a he-said she-said story and printed the disgusting auntie moonbat quote. I admitted 90% of what I said and it didn’t seem fair for the AZ Star to allow Jeff to try to shove the pedophilic quote down my throat. I was battered and down and sheesh, it really sucked to have to deal with the icky saliva quote I didn’t say while dealing with the fallout from the icky ramsey quote I did say. But now, I'm grateful to Ms. Smith for publishing the wretched lies Jeff Goldstein published and uttered about me. Thank you, ma'am.

I am STOKED! that Ms. Smith published the auntie moonbat quote. That’s my ticket to suing Mr. Goldstein for libel (slander?). It'll be a tougher sell than the libel charges against Fox News, for sure, but just as much fun.

If you have counsel, Mrs. Hume, Goldstein and Chihak, I’d encourage you to encourage them to contact me asap.

Don't think I forgot about you, Wendy McElroy! You wrote that I "made disturbing sexual remarks about the boy."
I did not! You get to play too!


Dr. Frisch
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Posted here so you don't have to go there...


At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posted here so you don't have to go there...

Good thinking, Sinner. I wonder how much of this nonsense she actually believes.

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah.

SHE's gonna file a lawsuit, huh?

In case you didn't know she's insane, that about wraps it up.

Please, Deb. Please, please, please sue. Please.

In court, we have a thing called "discovery" and things like "depositions" and "interrogatories."

In other words, the truth - all of it - would come out.

PLEASE sue, you coward. I double dog dare you.

Right. She'll sue right about when John Kerry sues the Swift-Vets. In other words, never.

And for the same reasons.

At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She has no lawyer, she's not suing anyone, she's just batshit crazy and foaming at the mouth. The first thing a lawyer would tell her is not to have any public discussions about the pending suit.

I'm betting that with a new semester comming up she's ran into difficulty finding employment after her tirade and is pissed about that. And she knows she's not capable of working in the real world of Psychology hence her stints as a teacher and gov't adviser.

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

>"I'm a blog manager too"

"Sigh". She clearly isn't technical. The system manager could pull archived system logs for the server in question and determine the IP address (not "ISP Address") associated with a comment. The troll is apparently unaware of this and normally wouldn't even have the rights to access this information. Generally access to this information is restricted to the actual system administrator, a competent technical professional.

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Eugene Police Department
(541) 682-5111

Oregon State Police

Lane County
Sheriff's Office
Eugene, Oregon

Lane County Law Enforcement

Register-Guard (Eugene newspaper)

KEZI-9 (Eugene TV station)

KMTR NewsSource 16 (Eugene TV station)

Oregon Justice Department
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

(**This post recognizes the right of free speech for any citizen to alert the media and law enforcement to possible criminal activity, and the right for citizens to know public contact information about the media and law enforcment agencies)

At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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